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Team Liquid and Alienware revolutionise industry standards for esports athlete training with launch of The Pro Lab

Team Liquid and its longstanding partner Alienware are set to transform the competitive gaming industry with the launch of a first-of-its-kind performance lab.

This ambitious, multi-year initiative is the industry’s first data-centric, insights driven training program, powered by cutting edge technology for esports athletes. Intended to enable coaches and managers to create unique, game-agnostic training and education regiments, the program will shape the future of training overall. The Pro Lab will implement specialised software designed to measure core cognitive skills and brain functions critical to peak esports athlete performance. Using comparable sports performance training procedures for traditional pro athletes as guiding principles, The Pro Lab is poised to help players optimise their performance and development through testing, research and education.

The Pro Lab will be embedded within their existing Alienware Training Facilities in Santa Monica, CA and Utrecht, Netherlands.

This program is particularly notable because:

  • This the first time that cognitive skill testing will be administered and assessed in esports. Historically, training has relied on limited, disparate data and general insights provided by the games. The Pro Lab will also perform additional holistic assessments to measure key points in body, nutrition, hydration, and recovery. These findings will be leveraged to further inform ways to improve player performance and encourage optimal health.
  • The Pro Lab’s testing and software implementation will be managed by Performance Scientists and Analysts who will collaborate with trainers and staff to continuously evolve the program, make data-informed decisions, implement new approaches as needed, and develop player-specific regimens.
  • Team Liquid and Alienware intend to release their findings for the advancement of the entire industry, creating new universal standards and performance indicators for the future of player training procedures, applied across esports in a game-agnostic way.


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