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Summary: The Teamgroup T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Desktop Gaming Memory provides excellent value for money for gamers on a budget.


RAM power!

If you’re looking to make the jump to DDR5 or needing an affordable upgrade, then Teamgroup have a great solution with their T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Desktop Gaming Memory that in Australia can be purchased online for $175AUD (Jan 2024 – https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/memory/ddr5-desktop-memory/96941-ff3d532g6400hc40bdc01?utm_source=latestintech&utm_medium=product-review&utm_campaign=delta-d5-6400). This 2x16GB kit features 6400MHz CL40 (CAS latency) DDR5 and is available in white and black (reviewed) which offers two colour combinations to ensure the best RGB lighting in your gaming rig.

For easy of install and overclocking, it (obviously) comes with Intel XMP 3.0 support that in term adds to your overall gaming experience by tweaking the timings and frequency of your RAM to get the best performance. The T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Desktop Gaming Memory also comes with a limited lifetime warranty for that additional peace of mind.

Aesthetically they look fantastic and according to Teamgroup they are modeled after the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit “stealth bomber” which really makes it stand out against its competitors, particularly with its 120 degrees ultra-wide RGB lighting. The DDR5 measures at 7mm (width) x 144.2 (depth) with a height of 46.1 so double check that your rig can handle it as the RAM is on the higher end.

In terms of lighting, the smart RGB IC controllers support various lighting effect software through your motherboard (e.g. GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0 or ASROCK-Polychrome Sync) to create some fantastic visuals such as breathing or waves. It is further supported with an impressive PMIC cooling design and on-die ECC for system stability, including power management ICs equipped for stable efficient power usage.


  • CAS latency: 40
  • Data Transfer Bandwidth: 51,200MB/s (PC5 51200)
  • Voltage: 1.35V
  • Internal memory: 32 GB
  • Memory layout (modules x size): 2 x 16 GB
  • Internal memory type: DDR5
  • Memory clock speed: 6400 MHz
  • Memory form factor: 288-pin DIMM
  • Memory voltage: 1.35 V
  • Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP): Version 3.0
  • Backlight colour: Red/Green/Blue
  • Compatible products: Intel Z690

Our test system included the ASRock Z790 Pro RS1 motherboard and an Intel Core i9-13900K. Once installed, we were ready to test the RAM and this was the stock settings of the T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Desktop Gaming Memory.

CPU-Z stock settings of T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Desktop Gaming Memory

AIDA64 reported a memory read speed of 102.39GB/s, write of 91592MB/s, copy of 92099MBs/s with a latency of 61.1ns. SANDRA 21 memory test displayed an aggregrate memory performance of 69.42GB/s, integer memory bandwidth 69.12GB/s and a floating memory bandwidth of 69.89GB/s.

What about overclocking? Mileage will vary for each user that of course is dependent on motherboard, CPU, cooling and of course RAM. Conservatively, we overclocked the T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Desktop Gaming Memory from its base 6400Mhz setting to 6667 with no issues with system stability. Even running games such as Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and Resident Evil 4. Overclocking to 6667 from 6400 saw a gain between 2 to 5% which is good and I’m sure PC enthusiasts could push this even more.

Final Thoughts?

The Team Group T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Desktop Gaming Memory 6400MHz CL40 provide excellent value for money and if you’re looking at RAM for either your 600 or 700 series systems (plus Intel 12th or 13th gen CPU’s), the memory will deliver that gaming experience for you.


  • RGB Colors & 120 Deg Ultra-Wide Lighting
    Modeled after a stealth aircraft, the T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 delivers a refreshing visual experience and continues to offer the 120 Deg ultra-wide lighting and clean geometric silhouette found in the DELTA RGB DDR4
  • Supports Intel XMP3.0 for One-Click Overclocking
    Supports the latest Intel XMP3.0 and one-click overclocking technology; users can experience ultra-fast overclocking speeds at a single click.
  • Strengthened PMIC Cooling Design
    DELTA RGB DDR5 is equipped with professional thermally conductive silicon, reinforced PMIC cooling design, and effective, stable PMIC operations.
  • On-die ECC for System Stability
    The DELTA RGB DDR5 memory supports on-die ECC, which offers error correction and detection to ensure that system stability is not compromised for performance.
  • Power Management ICs (PMICs) Equipped for Stable, Efficient Power Usage
    The DELTA RGB DDR5 memory is equipped with PMIC, minimizing noise interference and ensuring stable, efficient power distribution across all components for fast, reliable power supply.
    High-Quality ICs Selected for Stability & Reliability
    TEAMGROUP has selected a high-quality IC that has undergone comprehensive compatibility and reliability testing to ensure a gaming memory that delivers both stability and compatibility.
  • Smart RGB IC Controllers Support Various Lighting Effect Software
    The T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 is equipped with a smart RGB IC controller that is compatible with lighting effect software such as ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0, MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASROCK-Polychrome Sync, and BIOSTAR Advanced VIVID LED DJ[1] for lighting effects and synchronization. With the RGB DDR5, gamers can design their own lighting effects and create an incredibly stunning RGB system.



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