Published on June 5th, 2024 | by Adrian Gunning

Take to the skies as Scramble: Battle of Britain demo soars into Steam Next Fest

This upcoming tactical dogfighting game thrusts players into the octane fueled chaos of the 1940 summer skies.

Strategy fans will soon be able to take to the skies of Slitherine’s tactical dogfighting game Scramble: Battle of Britain. A demo for the game will be free to download during Steam Next Fest from 10th to 17th June, giving players the chance to experience its thrilling mechanics firsthand.

Set in a dynamic 3D airspace, this game embraces the intricate details of aerodynamics and physics-based simulation unique to the piloting experience while minimising time and reflex demands. Players lead their Squadrons through intense aerial battles as Luftwaffe and RAF fighters clash over the English Channel.

Missions in Scramble: Battle of Britain are designed to challenge even the most seasoned pilots. Players can engage in an Instant Action Skirmish Generator for quick, high-octane dogfights, or delve into meticulously crafted single-player missions featuring iconic aircraft such as the Spitfire, Bf 109, and Stuka bomber.

The game’s commitment to realism is further evident in its damage modelling, which includes detailed simulations of leaks, explosions, smoke, and lost components, bringing each aerial confrontation to life. Aircraft aerodynamics are finely tuned to mimic the unique performance envelopes and failure modes of each airframe, while pilot physiology is modelled to account for blackouts and injuries, adding another layer of authenticity to the combat experience.

For those looking to relive and share their most epic dogfights, Scramble: Battle of Britain includes a suite of cinematic tools. These tools allow players to direct camera movement, set reference points, and track targets, with hideable UI layers to ensure your content looks just right. Saveable match replays mean you can return later to capture and share stunning videos and still images of your aerial battles.

Scramble: Battle of Britain is currently in development and will launch at an unconfirmed date on PC. You can download the demo here and sign up for the game’s Discord here. Be sure to follow Slitherine on Facebook, X, and YouTube for the very latest updates.

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