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Symantec’s new Information Centric Security solution

Today Symantec introduced a new Information Centric Security solution, which automatically encrypts and tracks data, even as it moves outside of managed environments. No other vendor offers this kind of visibility and control of data that
can even be revoked anywhere at any time.

To put this into perspective, here is a quick litmus test on your visibility and control:

Do you know who has access to your critical data when shared with a trusted partner, vendor and/or a contractor using a BYO device?

Do you know if your trusted partner or vendors are sharing your data with other vendors?

If you ended your relationship with your contractor, partner or vendor, can you take back the data you shared with them?

If you answered no to the questions above, you’re not alone. Maintaining visibility of critical data and information is not easy, especially as it gets shared through a variety of channels – from email and Box to USB and on-premise – with little visibility and control. In fact, recent Symantec survey found that nearly 1-in-3 CISOs believe data loss is the number one internal threat for businesses this year.

Symantec Information Centric Security integrates industry-leading Symantec DLP, CASB, Encryption and Access Control to:

Automatically discover sensitive data across communication channels or manually classified by the users creating it;

Automatically identify and encrypt sensitive data reducing the likelihood of accidental data loss through DLP;
Intercept data moving to the cloud through CASB and extends DLP protection within such environments previously unmanaged; and
Provide Multi-Factor Authentication through Symantec VIP that integrates user authentication credentials with a decryption key to ensure only the intended user has access.

More information can be found on Symantec’s Security Response blog here.

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