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Suunto Launches Its Thinnest, Smallest and Toughest Watch Ever As The New 9 Peak Is Tested To The Limits Of Human Endurance

Suunto, global leader in sports watches, dive computers and precision instruments, today announces the local launch of its newest flagship watch, the Suunto 9 Peak – the thinnest, most powerful and uncompromisingly durable watch in brand history. The Suunto 9 Peak is designed for adventures and peak experiences, in a new sleek form factor that fits seamlessly on the wrist for ultimate comfort. Tested in the harshest conditions including in Australia, the Suunto 9 Peak boasts up to 170 hours of GPS recording capacity in Tour mode, blood oxygen measurement, a full battery charge in one hour and built to match users’ high expectations for a sports wearable companion, training tool and adventure partner.

“We are delighted to build on the successful launch of last year’s Suunto 7 and this year’s Titanium range with the new Suunto 9 Peak. Over the last few years many Australians have embraced Suunto and brought our adventurous spirit to life in their own everyday active lifestyles,” said Fraser Jones, Head of Suunto ANZ.

“We consider ourselves 85 years young, enabling us to bring a heritage of high performance and precision, all delivered in a new sleek form factor that reflects our vigour and desire to grow, refine and evolve what can be delivered in a sports watch in response to feedback from our passionate consumers all over the world. We believe the Suunto 9 Peak is the perfect companion to help Australians keep their fitness goals on track no matter how big or small.”

The Suunto 9 Peak comes with all of the industry leading features the Suunto 9 family is known for, including 80-plus sport modes that include running, hiking, mountain biking, skiing and swimming, customisable screens to show the most relevant data for your exercise, an intelligent battery management system, accurate wrist-based heart rate monitoring, in-depth weather insights and expansive on-watch navigation capabilities.

All-new upgrades for the Suunto 9 Peak include:

– Minimalistic design, which is 37% thinner and 36% lighter than the award-winning Suunto 9 Baro

– Blood oxygen level measurements to help determine acclimation levels at higher altitudes. (The Suunto 9 Peak is not a medical device and is not intended for diagnosing or monitoring medical conditions.)

– Automatic backlight intensity adjustment depending on lighting conditions

– Faster charging: 100% battery in 1 hour

– Improved watch strap with new metal fastening pin

– Added watch face that showcases weekly training metrics and inspires new routines

The Suunto app integrates with the Suunto 9 Peak, enabling users to effectively plan routes with sport-specific heatmaps and popular starting points, which can be built and transferred to the watch for offline navigation. The mobile app allows users to discover new locations, create points of interest and a look back on previous adventures with personal heatmaps. Also, the sync speed between the Suunto 9 Peak and the Suunto app is now doubled with Bluetooth 5, the latest iteration in Bluetooth technology.

The Suunto 9 Peak has already been put through the most rigorous of testing, including summiting up K2 on the arms of Nepalese Sherpas. It has also been heavily tested in Australia by some of the country’s most prolific endurance runners as part of ultra race ‘1000 Miles to Light’ recently held in regional New South Wales and sponsored by Suunto, including iconic endurance runner, the Hon. Pat Farmer AM.

With the challenge of running 1000 miles in just 10 days, athletes wore the Suunto 9 Peak throughout the gruelling team race to provide them with a range of metrics and data vital to their performance and overall health and wellness. It also enabled race organisers to monitor important vital signs of some of the world’s leading ultrarunners in real time as they each pushed their limits of endurance and determination.

With a career spanning 35 years, Pat Farmer has raced across America twice and has competed in numerous 24-hour, 48-hour and 6-day races. Providing detailed statistics and information, Pat had his Suunto 9 Peak with him every step of the way across this grueling yet rewarding challenge.

“As I was pulling together 1000 Miles to Light, I needed to ensure participants were supported with the very best equipment and resources where accuracy and detail is key. This event pushes some of the world’s most elite endurance runners to their limits and beyond, so partnering with Suunto became an imperative,” said Pat Farmer.

“As runners and organisers, we relied on the Suunto 9 Peak to monitor the performance of participants every step of the way, including blood oxygen levels, heart rate and sleep patterns.  Suunto’s involvement, and the ability of the 9 Peak to consistently keep up with these elite runners in the harshest of Australian conditions, helped ensure we always had accurate information at hand to ensure their wellbeing.”

The Suunto 9 Peak will be available in two different styles with four nature inspired colours:

– Granite Blue Titanium and Birch White Titanium, made with sapphire glass and grade 5 titanium and

– All Black and Moss Gray, made with sapphire glass and stainless steel.

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