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Superman #33 (Imperius Lex)

Superman #33 (Imperius Lex) Andrew Bistak

Summary: Superman #33 brings in the New Gods as Lex is abducted to become a new god of Apokolips!


Imperius Lex!

I’m glad that DC are revisiting the story of Lex Luthor becoming Darkseid as issue #33 of Superman commences on Apokolips as this planet is in turmoil without its leader. On Earth, it’s another day for Superman and Lex as together, they defeat a pair of criminals in Metropolis dressed as Batman and the Flash. However when Lex returns to the Lexcorp building, he is accosted by the Prophet and Ardora Apokolips in order to abduct him back to this dark planet and help in his ascension to godhood.

With Clark returning home, both he and his Jon hear a message on a audio wave that only they can hear demanding them to come to Lexcorp immediately. Taking Lois with them, they encounter a group of Lexbots with a recorded message from Lex ordering them to accompany them. Superman declines and as a result, he is forced to decommission these robots. However as a fail safe, one of Lex’s robots activates a Motherbox to contain Superman as the trio find themselves on Apololips.

Superman #33 was a fun read and really channeled that classic comic vibe. It boasted some great dialogue, interesting characterisation and a story that worked on all levels. Complementing the story was the excellent art of Doug Mahnke who draws a very powerful Superman and I loved seeing his panels on Apokolips. Together, this team created a very fun issue of Superman.

Final Thoughts?

All in all, Superman #33 was a great start to Imperius Lex and it’s awesome seeing the mythology of the New Gods again and I’m very eager to see where Peter J Tomasi and Patrick Gleason take this story.




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