Published on July 11th, 2018 | by Jeremy Carr

Superman #1 Review

Superman #1 Review Jeremy Carr

Summary: A wonderful story with a great twist that will surely have Superman pushing his limits.



With Man of Steel finishing up last week, DC Comics starts with their fresh new take on Superman and Action Comics with Brian Michael Bendis at the helm. If you haven’t read the 6 issue mini-series of Man of Steel, I would strongly recommend that you do before starting Superman #1. Now you don’t have to as the opening of this issue gives a brief summary of the events of Man of Steel, but honestly to get the true effect of this story, it would be for the best. Fair warning, this review will contain some spoilers from Man of Steel.


This issue picks right up where Man of Steel left off, with Superman flying through the cosmos looking for his family. Lois and John are left with Jor-El and the only device Clark had to talk to his family with was destroyed during a fight with RogolZaar. With Clark having no way to contact them, he goes looking for a needle in a hay stack by randomly flying around. Though he doesn’t find them, it wasn’t all for naught. While he is out cruising the stars, Clark does come across The Dominator Armada and of course those idiots where headed to Earth looking for a little trouble. Superman makes quick work of their fleet and when doing so he comes to the realization that he is needed on Earth. He convinces himself that his family is going to be okay with his Father.

The story progresses along real well, giving us some memories of Clark with his wife and son. Bendis does a good job putting the reader there with Clark as he deals with missing his family. Though it’s not much of the story to me its impact was made.

Also this issue shows Clark trying to put everything else in his life back in order, from rebuilding the Fortress of Solitude to getting back to work and dealing with false news story that Superman is responsible for all the fires during the Man of Steel series. There is also a good moment in the story where Martian Manhunter is trying to convince Superman that he needs to be more to the people of Earth, and while doing so keeps getting interrupted by Superman as he flies off to wrap up some quick Superman duties. I found this humor as a nice break in the story that had been pretty emotional up to this point.



Bendis did a wonderful job showing us the emotions that Superman is currently going through. This was a wonderful story with a great twist that will surely have Superman pushing his limits. The cover art for this issue is gorgeous and goes well with art them that put this issue together. Bendis really started the new Superman series out with a bang, earning a 4 star rating from me. I really hope to see his enthusiasm carry over to Action Comics and seeing these two series blend nicely together.


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