Published on September 20th, 2023 | by Chris O'Connor

Super Bomberman R 2 PS5 Review

Super Bomberman R 2 PS5 Review Chris O'Connor

Summary: Is it worth the price tag? That's a tough one. If you've enjoyed the previous game/s and you don't have any in your collection at the moment... it is a good way to have that classic game with the addition of some extra modes if you want to try those too.


Fun times

I can remember playing Super Bomberman when I was but a wee teenager (maybe into my very early twenties). I don’t remember which iteration it was or even which system (I want to say Playstation 2 maybe?)… but myself and a friend would play for hours. So it was somewhat of a surprise when having a look at Super Bomberman R 2 to learn there was a story mode… and apparently that’s been a thing in the series for a long time… I guess my friend and I just wanted to skip to the multiplayer fun.

So where does that put us? Well Super Bomberman R 2 feels like it is geared towards a young audience… I mean based on the story, the characters in it and the voice acting (which I loathed… not technically wrong… I just hate the tone and style they went with)… it feels like it’s aimed at maybe 6 to 8 year olds… maybe. That’s all well and good but it means for those of us who played the game many years ago… we will probably want to skip the story and just go to the multiplayer.

For those interested in the story… it’s nothing special and arguably just acts as a bit of a tutorial mode. The marketing states this release features the most content of any in the series to date… the listed elements are:

  • Battle Mode: Enjoy 4 battle modes, including the new Castle!
    • Castle: Asymmetrical battle between the Castle side, which protects the treasure chest, and the Attack side, which aims to win the treasure chest!
    • Standard: The classic battle mode loved by fans!
    • Grand Prix: Battle of two teams! Work with your allies to defeat the opposing team!
    • Battle 64: Battle for survival with up to 64 players! Aim for Bomber One!
  • Grade Match: Battles between users with similar abilities! Fight online with players from all over the world!
  • Room Match: Set freely battle modes and rules! Get your friends together online and have a good time!
  • Offline Battle: With one console you can enjoy Bomberman! Connect additional controllers and play with family and friends!
  • Stage Editor Customized stages with blocks and gimmicks can be shared online! Create, play, share, and explore various stages with the Stage Editor!
  • Story Mode Enjoy the Story Mode that has been enhanced! Visit new planets with Bombermans new friends “Ellons” and face the threat of the universe!”

As I mentioned… the story mode is probably only going to interest those of a certain age… or people who don’t mind overly cutesy, seemingly not overly bright characters fumbling their way around.

The standard battle mode is what I am familiar with and still is a lot of fun… blow up blocks, uncover power ups and try and be the last one standing… still fun after all these years! If that gets boring though the new modes do offer some variety and certainly when you have others to play with it’s fun to see who is best at which type of game mode.

Looking at some comments it sounds as though the online implementation might be a bit problematic. There are reports of being left playing against bots and it seems the online modes are set in rotation… so when you jump on you might get castle mode, or Battle 64 etc… you can’t select.

I wasn’t able to experience this for myself but it is something to keep in mind if you are mostly interested in online play.

Personally I still had fun with the offline play… it’s a lot of fun playing a few rounds with my son.

Final Thoughts?

Is it worth the price tag? That’s a tough one. If you’ve enjoyed the previous game/s and you don’t have any in your collection at the moment… it is a good way to have that classic game with the addition of some extra modes if you want to try those too. If you (like me) will likely end up just going back to the standard game and playing that… it seems like a steep price. I’m not really sure the extra features add enough to the basic game to warrant the price tag and if you already have a copy of the original or one of it’s other iterations… I’m not sure the new additions will be worth shelling out for another copy. But my view might just be soured by the story mode animations… ooooh I did not like them!

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