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STORM #3 REVIEW Howard Smith



Interesting Character Developement

Storm Ahead

After an exchange of words by Storm towards Logan at Travis’s party, Storm plans to take her leave of her X-Men family. Torn between love, her mutating powers, and the acceptance of her fellow X-Men members Storm has a revelation that she must do what is best for her own happiness. In Storm #3, Ororo finds herself locked in a range of emotions involving the status of her powers and her use of them. Professor X attempts to persuade her to not leave the mansion and reconcile with Kitty Pryde by the pool. This is cut short when the entity known as Blowback resurfaces and the X-Men leap into action. Led by Wolverine, the X-Men team investigates, and a battle ensues. Nothing is as it seems, at least when Rogue places her hand on the creature and discovers a horrifying truth.

The writing by Ann Nocenti (Uncanny X-Men, X-Men Classic, Secret Origins) delves more into Storm as she tries to grasp a hold of her troubled powers. At the same time, Nocenti provides character development for Storm that adds value to her overall character. No mutant has had complete control over their powers in the past and Nocenti explores that complication in Storm #3. Simultaneously, an earlier X-Men and Professor X recall some of the best moments in their mutant history. Not to take away from the focus of Storm, but Nocenti wrote Rogue as the most intriguing character of this era of X-Men besides the main character. Mixed in with a little humor, Nocenti is telling a solid story about Storm.

Readers may notice a change in the illustrations of Storm #3 only because Geraldo Borges (Adventure Comics, The Avengers, The Darkness: Level) is stepping in for Sid Kotian. Despite this change, the artwork for the comic book remains consecutive and does not take away from the storytelling. In fact, there are some improvements to scenery and line work, but primarily the illustrations from one artist to the next are handled smoothly. Borges’ artwork within the comic book is admirable and doesn’t come off as jarring or displeasing. However, Borges does add a tad more detail, which makes the panels crisp and clean.

Speaking of clean, Andrew Dollhouses’ (Fables, Gemshock, The Incredibles) coloring technique paints an eloquent world the X-Men and Storm find themselves in. Dolhouse understands what works for a scene to stand out among the rest. Moreover, Dolhouse makes sure the colors meld cooperatively within the comic book to give the experience of reading the work far more attractive. Accompanied by Dolhouse is Ariana Maher (Flavor, Hellions, Miracleman) who provides Storm #3 with the best lettering skills the comic book could ask for. Besides the word bubbles and captions, Maher excels at displaying sound effects in a fun and classic fashion.

Last, but not least, Alan Davis (Genesis, Iron Man, The New Mutants) and Alejandro Sánchez (The Joker, Shazam!, Spider-Punk) give readers an insight into what could possibly be happening with their spectacular cover.

While Storm #3 continues to add a new understanding as to who Storm is a character, there is a question that has yet to be answered. What does Blowback want and why does he have his sights set on Storm? Surely, Nocenti will reveal that to readers in due time. For now, pick up Storm #3 at your local comic book store or online where copies are sold.

Comic Details

Writer: Ann Nocenti

Artist: Geraldo Borges

Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse

Letterer: VC’s Ariana Maher

Cover Artists: Alan Davis, Alejandro Sánchez

Editor: Mark Basso

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

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