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Discovery and Love in The Air

Uncertain about the recent development of her powers and the mysterious figure that pursues her, Storm has yet to understand what is happening in her life. While Storm #2 focuses on details expunged from the early days of Storm and the X-Men, the story sheds new light on softer moments than previously explored. Storm grows fonder of Travis and the time they’ve spent with one another. Storm yearns for him to meet her X-Men Family, but in the meantime at the Neotek conference, Logan gets a little tense with Travis. Logan suspects a foul odor about Travis or does he have buried feelings for Storm? A young Kitty Pryde disobeys Professor Charles Xavier and sneaks into the party only to find Mystique up to a nefarious plan. Storm just may be in for a rude awakening.

The story continues down Storm’s path of understanding her own mutation and trying to come to terms with it as she also develops a relationship with Travis. As this could be problematic for both parties, Storm stays firm in her actions to include Travis in her life. In Storm #2, Nocenti (Rom, The Thing, Wolfpack) demonstrates the intricacies of someone being a person with the X gene. The constant concern about whether their powers have forsaken them, the risks of hurting non-mutantkind in the process, and not having the ability to discuss those concerns with fellow people of the same kind flow through the comic book like a summer breeze. On top of that, the innate ability to find someone with whom to share the same interests and fall in love regardless of having powers holds sentimental value. As most readers know, it’s hard to date a mutant and not be in the crosshairs. Nocenti’s chronicle for Storm opens more and more hidden gems we supposedly missed, such as Rogue being as nearly hotheaded as Kitty Pryde but in a fun demeanor or Colossus admiring Muhammad Ali from watching old boxing matches. Nocenti crafted a story that is easy to get into, isn’t subject to boredom, and gives more elements during the time after Callisto was defeated. Nocenti fills in the gaps missing for Storm and thankfully she writes in a way that allows these moments to fit naturally in place.

As for Kotian (The Vigil), the artwork for Storm #2 sustains a level of interest in Nocenti’s story. Kotian’s specific art style favors facial expressions that bring out the emotions of each character. Through the illustrations, the comic book flourishes with wonderous storytelling skills worth taking a gander at. Noticeably, Kotian doesn’t waste any space within the panels. There is always something there that serves a purpose as to why a certain viewpoint matters. Arguably, Kotian executes angles and backgrounds that are refreshing to observe. Speaking of refreshing, Dalhouse (Catwoman, Darkwing Duck, Earth 2) as the colorist delivers eye-popping satisfaction for readers to enjoy. His work supports the weight of Kotian’s illustrations, which grants the comic book absolute comfort in working the way Nocenti envisioned. The harmonic collaboration gave this story a dynamic pleasure rather than a dark and brooding tone as in some of the other mutant stories.

Comparatively, Alan Davis (Dark Agnes, Eternals, JSA) and Alejandro Sánchez (Captain Marvel, Dark Web, DC Pride) produce yet another fantastic cover for Storm. Hopefully, these art covers persist in getting better with each comic book release. The first issue of Storm’s cover is terrific, but the cover for Storm #2 excels from the first with a breathtaking snapshot in the middle of a storm battle. Solid intro to the second issue for both illustrators.

Maher (Silk, Winter Guard, X-Men: Red) maintains her consecutive progress as the letterer for this comic book. In particular, the sound effects that happen in the issue resemble the older lettering style that may bring back some fond memories of veteran readers. With that said, Maher did excellent work again on this story.

The cliffhanger to this issue ends in a fume of distaste and aggression. However, Storm #2 adds some love in the air to Storm’s character that isn’t talked about too much. Uncertain as to how this will turn out in the next issue, there is a sense of danger that hangs in the distance for Storm and Travis. Be sure to pick this issue up if you enjoy the new series so far. You can find this issue and the first issue at your local comic book store or online wherever they are sold. Don’t miss out on the next issue release.

Comic Details

Writer: Ann Nocenti

Artist: Sid Kotian

Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse

Letterer: VC’s Ariana Maher

Cover Artists: Alan Davis, Alejandro Sánchez

Editor: Mark Basso

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

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