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Stellar Blade Vignette Series and Developer Q&A

PlayStation Australia is excited to share more information on the highly-anticipated title Stellar Blade, as launch nears.

Get to know the characters of Stellar Blade with the Vignette series.

Meet EVE, our stylish heroine from the 7th Airborne Squad.
Link here

Meet Tachy, a decorated soldier, renowned for her tactical acumen and combat skills.
Link here

Meet Lily, a loyal skilled technician. She commits to helping destroy the Naytiba with upgrading EVE’s equipment.
Link here

Meet Adam, a scavenger who roams the devastated land, gathering resources in helping Xion and its citizens.
Link here

Stellar Blade’s development studio SHIFT UP also ran through a deep dive Q&A on the PlayStation Blog. Here’s a taste below.

Q1) As Stellar Blade is a brand-new title, how and when did the idea of developing this game emerge?

Kim Hyung Tae (Kim): About five years ago, when we were talking about what mobile game title should be released after Destiny Child. We were initially thinking about creating Goddess of Victory: Nikke into a duology game for the Android and iOS platforms. It was during that process that the urge to develop a console title emerged as our second project. I have been a long-time fan of video game consoles and have always wanted to develop action games for them. The idea attracted a group of members with a shared passion, and that’s how the idea of developing Stellar Blade emanated.

Q2) With Stellar Blade being Shift Up’s first title developed for video game consoles, did you encounter new challenges or hurdles?

I am being realistic in thinking our fans would not be lenient and forgiving just because this is our debut title for game consoles. Instead, we held the same high standard that console gamers hold for their games and ensured that Stellar Blade would be on par with those games in terms of quality.

Q3) Stellar Blade is said to leverage some of the unique features of the PS5 console hardware, such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. What type of experiences can players expect?

Lee Dong Gi (Lee): We harnessed these features to enhance the immersive experience. In certain scenes, haptic feedback allows players to sense the mood and feel the atmosphere surrounding the characters. At the beginning of the game, there’s a scene with a drone in which players can fully take advantage of these PS5 features. Apart from that, we’ve incorporated extensive levels of different adaptive trigger resistance assigned to the type of gun being used.

Check out the full Q&A here.

The free demo of Stellar Blade is now available on PS5. Check it out here.

Reclaim Earth for Humankind in Stellar Blade, launching Friday, 26 April, 2024 only on PS5.

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