Published on March 29th, 2024 | by Andrew Paul

Stellar Blade Demo (PlayStation 5 Review) – It’s great but the haters are gonna hate

Releasing exclusively for PlayStation 5, Stellar Blade is the highly anticipated game from developers Shift Up which is set in the distant future where mankind has lost planet Earth to the Naytiba. The Stellar Blade demo takes place from the very beginning of the game with players taking the role of Eve, a member of the 7th Airborne Squad. Even and her teammates have been given the mission of liberating Earth from the Naytiba, unfortunately things go awry.


With no access to her squad, it is up to Eve and her unique set of powers to finish the mission as players are given access in this demo to explore the post-war city of Eidos-7 that is now infested by these aliens. So where has mankind been hiding? Unfortunately we got our collective asses handed to us and fled to our outer colony but now it’s time for payback! Of course there are still remnants of humanity left on Earth who need our help and allies such as Adam who will help lead you on the right path – However nothing is what it seems in this post-apocalyptic universe.

Welcome to Stellar Blade… the demo!


While relatively short, the Stellar Blade demo gives players a great taste into the universe, mechanics and the protagonist of this new game by Shift Up. At its core it’s an action adventure from a third person perspective and as you progress so does the skills of Eve. It’s action-packed and definitely feels like a Grade-B Blockbuster (but in a good way) as you familiarise with the controls and of course, the uber cool heroine Eve.

In terms of familiarity, Stellar Blade definitely has parallels to Bayonetta in that both protagonists are well, maximising their feminine charms with their body suits. Oh… add in similarities to NieR Automata as well! Supporting the character designs is renowned Korean artist Kim Hyung Tae (Blade & Soul) and yes, Eve looks impressive. In the main game and depending on which version, there are different costumes and accessories for you to fine-tune Eve’s appearance (aka nano suits which look super cool).

However Stellar Blade feels more grounded in its combat and is 200% more serious than Bayonetta. Other similarities would include Devil May Cry but with that said, Stellar Blade is its own game. Also if you play the demo and purchase the game when released, you start right where the demo left off which is fantastic. Additionally combat is very smooth and responsive with Eve being a master with her blades.

There are also combinations, acrobatics and defence (counters, parries) to take into consideration when you are engaged with enemy. The beta guage that Eve has access to gives her special moves but you need to build this up by parrying and inflicting damage on enemies which works well. Thankfully there are checkpoints and healing items to be found along the way as sometimes the combat is quite brutal. Further there is quite a bit of exploring to engage with, including “light” puzzles and using a special “Detective vision” which allows you to see the unseen.

Graphically, the game is pure next-gen from its large open-worlds with its realistic post-apocalyptic alien invasion atmosphere. Given that this is a demo, there is quite a bit of exploration, including introductions to some of the enemies that you face – both grunts and bosses. Further, the game runs at 60 frames per second which boasts smooth sharp graphics. The title does support haptics and yes, the game works perfectly on the PlayStation Portal as well. Audio is equally impressive and if you want to take the game to another level, you can use Tempest 3D to create a more immersive universe with its “surround sound”. The game also supports a more detailed version at 60 fps plus a balanced option as well but speed definitely makes the game more fluid.

Final Thoughts?

If you love third person action adventure games, go out and get the free demo for Stellar Blade now!

And the Haters? They will hate the design of Eve and if that’s the case… go play Tetris!

Stellar Blade will be available from 26-April-2024


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