Published on November 13th, 2023 | by Adrian Gunning

Stay Cool with Operation Deep Freeze in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege on November 28 

Today, Ubisoft revealed the final season of Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8, Operation Deep Freeze, will launch on November 28. This season kicks into high gear, bringing a new Portuguese Operator, a new map, and more gameplay updates.

Operation Deep Freeze sees new Defender Tubarão keep the competition hot. He stays cool-headed with his Zoto Canister gadget, which releases a freezing compound that will impair Operators movement and any other gadgets in its area of effect. Due to the “cold zone” left behind, any Operator footprints passing the area will be recorded. This gadget can disrupt both enemy and friendly gadgets, but with strategic placement, offers players an opportunity to regain control of a round. Tubarão is a two speed and two health Operator, with a loadout featuring an MPX or AR-15.50 as his primary weapon and a P226 MK 25 as his secondary weapon.

Competition heats up this season with the new Ranked map Lair. Lair is the base of operations for Deimos, and the map is designed for players to experiment with different playstyles as they navigate its multiple entrances and three floors. Each floor has a distinct mood, and the exterior has unique entry points to all three floors. Just as Deimos created this facility to calculate his operations against Rainbow, players can strategize their navigation of Lair for success during matches.

Player protection efforts continue to grow with a Reputation System update, providing more information on what impacts player standing. This season introduces the Grace Period phase where players will be onboarded, learn more about player standing, and give everyone a chance to improve their standing without any penalties before the Reputation System fully launches. This builds on the Commendation System, which allows players to commend each other after a match and rewards players with increased Alpha Pack drop rates. For more information on the Commendation System, please visit: RainbowSix.com/Commendations 

Starting November 12, players can go to https://rainbow6.com/marketplace/register  to register for a chance to access the Beta of the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace to sell or buy in-game items with R6 Credits. Additionally, two new features arrive this season: Versus AI and Map Training. Versus AI will pitch players against AI defender bots that mimic real players, while Map Training is an innovative tool to learn and master maps. Map Training will launch with seven maps to start, including the brand-new Lair map.  For player comfort, the update will also add full controller remapping and controller deadzone customisation, including Lean Behavior, a big feature for controller players coming later this season. Also coming to Operation Deep Freeze is balancing for Operator Mira, major updates to the Frag grenade, and two new Elite skins.

In partnership with the iconic Street Fighter franchise, two bundles featuring characters from Street Fighter™ 6 will land this season: Ying as Chun-Li and Grim as Ryu. Get ready to boot up and hit the streets!

Rainbow Six Siege is now available to play on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, the Xbox One family of consoles, Xbox Series X | S, Windows PC, including on Steam, Ubisoft+, Ubisoft’s subscription service, and Amazon Luna*.

For more information about Rainbow Six Siege, please visit: https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com.

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