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Stargate The Movie Ultimate Edition Blu-ray Review

Stargate The Movie Ultimate Edition Blu-ray Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: Stargate The Movie Ultimate Edition Blu-ray is still on par as one of the best sci-fi films of the 20th century


Still on par!

It’s hard to believe that the now classic sci-fi 1994 film, Stargate is almost 30-years old and although it was not considered the “blockbuster” movie at the time, it still grossed 196.6 million USD in global earnings and as a result spawned the equally amazing TV series SG-1 that was based on the original story.

The ultimate edition of this film that is beautifully presented on Blu-ray (with improved visuals and audio) comes with the original theatrical version, including the extended cut that adds (for some) another layer to the narrative of Stargate. Additionally Stargate The Movie Ultimate Edition Blu-ray comes on 2 Blu-rays and boasts a plethora of extras that will be enjoyed by fans both old and new.


Re-watching Stargate again, I must admit that it has dated relatively well. Sure, some of the special effects are a little dated when compared to the overexposure of CGI used in every sci-fi film now, it also adds an element of grittiness. Further, Kurt Russell and James Spader are great as their respective characters and without these two actors, Stargate would not be the cult sci-fi hit it is today.

The story of Stargate revolves around a 1928 archaeological discovery of a strange ancient Egyptian artefact discovered near the Great Pyramids that was obtained by the American Government. While the scientists at the time were unable to decipher the symbols on this artefact, decades later, an Egyptologist by the name of Dr Daniel Jackson (James Spader) was hired by the American Government to help decode the symbols.

Jackson succeeds and discovers that this artefact is a Stargate, a portal that allows people to transverse from one side of the universe to the other. When the government realises the potential of the Stargate they again recruit Doctor Jackson and a military team led by Colonel O’Neill (Kurt Russell) to enter this intergalactic gateway to uncover what lies beyond.

On the other side of the Stargate, they arrive on a desert planet that has strong parallels to Ancient Egypt, however this world is ruled by the “Egyptian” God Ra who is part of an alien race that have enslaved mankind. Jackson and O’Neill do the only thing possible, help lead a revolt to take down this self-imposed god.

The imagery used in Stargate is great as it’s a combination of science fiction meets Ancient Egyptian which really made this film standout from its counterparts. Additionally the costume design of the invaders of this planet again mirrored the motifs from Ancient Egypt with the soldiers looking quite menacing.

The story successfully merges drama and action that ensures this sci-fi definitely ticked all the right boxes and while some of the acting was overtop, it actually suited the premise well and really helped cement itself with many (myself included) with fond memories.

Once you have finished the main film, there’s some enjoyable and informative special features that takes you behind the scenes from its initial concepts to how it was made, including some laugh out bloopers. The audio commentary by the writers who helped direct and produce Stargate also add to the building blocks of how this film was created. Given the additional extras on this release, Stargate The Movie Ultimate Edition on Blu-ray is definitely a must have for fans or for that matter, newcomers.

Final Thoughts?

A must have for lovers of the film or those that enjoy classic sci-fi!


Special Features:

  • Original Theatrical Cut
  • Extended Cut
  • Audio Commentary by Writer/Director Roland Emmerich and Writer/Producer Dean Devlin
  • “Deciphering the Gate: Concepts and Casting” Featurette
  • “Opening the Gate: The Making of the Movie” Featurette
  • “Passing Through the Gate: The Legacy” Featurette
  • “Is There a Stargate?” Featurette
  • “The Making of Stargate” Documentary
  • 5 Original Stargate Previews
  • B-Roll Footage
  • Gag Reel


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