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StarCraft: Frontline Volume 2 Review

StarCraft: Frontline Volume 2 Review Admin

Summary: StarCraft Frontline Volume 2 once again delves into the secrets of this troubled universe!


Secrets of StarCraft

Like the previous release, StarCraft: Frontline Volume 2 once again provides an in-depth and dark look into the universe of StarCraft. It is a collection of short stories with some excellent artwork to help bring them to life which really draws from the video game itself. The first story revolves around Captain Jon Dyre, a war hero who is scarred by his own personal demons. Needless to say, this celebrated hero comes face to face with a person willing to risk his life in order to save his colony and the end result is a spectacular battle between the two.

The next story revolves around the ‘experiments’ of the Protoss and how their tampering with the ‘mother nature’ of the universe has created dire consequences for their species. It’s an interesting take on the Protoss with some great world-building and I really enjoyed the narration by the Protoss Gruu. The next story is quite disheartening that revolves around a UNN reporter Kate Lockwell who is allowed to follow the Dominion on a mission to Candore which also includes an interview with Emperor Mengsk.

Unfortunately Kate bumps into her former cameraman Zack Oliver on board a Battlecruiser who she fired, however he gives her another side of the war that she never realised existed. Needless to say, their involvement comes under the watch gaze of the Dominion and things quickly go awry for the two. What I enjoyed about this story was its political nature and the efforts that the Dominion will take to ensure their dark sense of order onto the world of mankind. Another tale revolves around a salvage team who stumble upon a mystery with dangerous repercussions as they discover the cult-like Church of Besainted Brother Pelagius.

Final Thoughts?

Volume 2 is an interesting and very dark take on the StarCraft universe that gives a unique aspect into this video game with some exceptional art. Definitely one for the fans or lovers of quality Manga!

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