Published on August 7th, 2023 | by Tim Chuma

Star Wars: Yoda #10 Review (2022)

Star Wars: Yoda #10 Review (2022) Tim Chuma

Summary: I kind of stepped out on this series as too much Yoda is too much and it wasn't engaging me. This seems to wrap up the story nicely though.


Wraps this up nicely

Yoda has been on exile on Degobah for many years and is finally prepared to learn his final lesson from the cave that Luke ends up going into later on that is strong with the dark side of the force.

I had stepped out on this series as I didn’t think that much of it and Baby Yoda is cuter than normal Yoda and like Darth Vader the more you see if this character the less interesting he is as it is no longer something special or interesting as they are super powered Jedi or Sith and can get out of any situation by space wizard stuff.

This one at least has some reflection and some old faces that fans of the prequels and entire canon would recognise.

It is the end of the Yoda series for now. I would recommend this one if you are a real big fan of this character but as I said with the Mandolorian and Baby Yoda you kind of don’t need to these days.


Comic details:

Writer: Cavan Scott

Penciler: Ibraim Roberson

Cover Artist: Phil Noto

Publisher: Marvel

Published: August 02, 2023

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