Published on November 14th, 2022 | by Tim Chuma

Star Wars: The High Republic #2 (2022) Review

Star Wars: The High Republic #2 (2022) Review Tim Chuma

Summary: What you get out of this one is based on how much you are into the new storylines and no real famous characters. If Andor can make it work so can this series.


Jedi in peril

Jedi Vildar Mac is apparently dead and young Padawan Matthew Cathely is wondering what to do when he wakes up. Determined to find who knocked him down the Jedi wastes no time tracking the assailant down to a bar where he comes a cropper with the Twinkle Sisters. The bar owner will take no nonsense, even from people claiming to be Jedi and the assailant reveals he only played a trick on the Jedi to knock him out. Before things get too heated the quarry escapes again only for the Jedi to find his lightsaber has  been stolen. When they finally meet back up they agree to go to the local Jedi temple to make some further enquiries, but they may not get the welcome they expect.

I had been reading this story on and off but it quickly became too complex for me to follow without reading all of it and there is also a series of young adult novels that are somewhat related to it. This series is set 10,000 years before the more well known events of Star Wars so there all new characters to get to know.

While some people might be uncertain going into a series with no characters they know, shows like the Mandolorian and the more recent Andor have proved you can make a good story as long as the writing is there and this one does seem to be developing off in a direction of its own.

I would recommend this one if you have read any of the High Republic stories in the past or want to jump into a storyline that is near the start without having to do much homework.


Comic details:

Writer: Cavan Scott

Penciler: Ario Anindito

Cover Artist: Ario Anindito

Publisher: Marvel

Published: November 09, 2022

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