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Star Wars Han Solo Drive (Special FireCuda Edition) Review

Star Wars Han Solo Drive (Special FireCuda Edition) Review James Wright

Summary: As a collectible the Star Wars Han Solo Drive (Special FireCuda Edition) is a masterpiece and offers 2TB of portable storage. As a gaming drive, you will need something faster!


A collectible

If you’re looking for some pop culture inspired external storage for your PC/Mac or Xbox featuring smuggler and hero Han Solo that would not look out of place in the Star Wars city of Coruscant, then look no further as this FireCuda high speed hard drive could probably make the Kessel run in 12 parsecs just like the Millennium Falcon. The Star Wars Han Solo Drive (Special FireCuda Edition) is also a 2TB model that could hold around 40 50GB PC games or a plethora of Bantha photos!

Official Specifications

  • Dimensions: 14.5mm (length) x 80mm (width) x 122.5mm (depth)
  • Weight: 167g
  • Compatibility: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Windows and macOS systems

Comparable to other themed drives from Seagate, the FireCuda Star Wars Han Solo unit is visually very striking that boasts the classic Han Solo shot (pun intended) of him holding his trusty blaster. Additionally it boasts a sturdy and professional build to give you additional peace of mind, especially for those who are using this as a fully portable hard drive. It comes with Seagate’s Rescue Data Recovery tool, including a toolkit to control the colours plus a USB 3.2 Gen 1 cable (albeit short) to connect it to your PC, Mac or Xbox.

Unboxing Photos

Box contents

  • Han Solo™ Special Edition FireCuda External Hard Drive
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 Cable
  • Quick start guide

Given this is an external drive, the speeds mirrored similar products with CrystalDiskBenchark scoring the sequential read times at 138.5MB/s and write at 137.3MB/s. ATTO Disk Benchmark again scored similarly with its sequential read at 131.5MB/s and write at 130.4MB/s. Nonetheless, it makes it ideal for storage (e.g. videos, photos, data). While it is possible to store games, some of the more disk intensive games may experience slower load times, however a decent CPU and large amount of memory will assist.

Final Thoughts?

The Star Wars Han Solo Drive (Special FireCuda Edition) is a glorious hard drive from Seagate that is aesthetically one of their best looking ones to date. The stylised Han Solo image perfectly encompasses this character and celebrates the fandom of Star Wars well. It also supports RPG LED lighting with the Seagate Toolkit software to give the drive another level of fanciness. Additionally, it’s a well-sized portable drive at 2TB and comes with everything you need to start transferring files or even storing games on it.

Star Wars Han Solo Drive (Special FireCuda Edition) highlights

  • Light it Up
    Customisable RGB LED lighting brings a galaxy of atmosphere to your drive
  • Lightspeed Afterglow
    White LED lighting brings your drive a flash of colour
  • Fit for a Scoundrel
    Designed with the confidence of infamous smuggler, Han Solo™
  • The Ultimate Collectible
    This external hard drive is inspired by the Star Wars™ galaxy
  • Built to Connect
    Works with PC, MAC, PlayStation and Xbox
  • Discover New Adventures
    With up to 2 TB of capacity, you have room for a galaxy of media, files and games
  • Rescue Data Recovery Services
    When the unexpected happens — like water damage or natural disaster — Rescue Services help you defend against data loss and retrieval costs so you can rest easier

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