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Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #17 (2020) Review

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #17 (2020) Review Tim Chuma

Summary: Rather than expiring after being left for dead Valance fights harder than ever. I am actually invested in this story now which is saying a lot.



I thought that this was pretty much done with Boba Fett leaving Valance for dead on his way to get Han Solo. Was nothing personal just a job to him. Valance still manages to get off and fight off a whole bunch of storm troopers and finds some people are trying to rescue for some unknown reason. Will he reach them or not?

Not sure what else they can do with this series, the main reason for it seems to have passed with the War of the Bounty Hunters. If you take on Darth Vader you do not live unless he has some use for you. The alternative is to be always looking over your shoulder as Dr Aphra does as she has had several run-ins with him.

If you want action then this is the story for you, Valance does not stop even when normal people think they would be beaten. He has died several times by this point and does not seem to care what happens to him.

I would recommend this one if you are still enjoying Valance as a character and some of the other newer cast who have come on board in the last few issues.

Comic details:

Writer: Ethan Sacks

Penciler: Paolo Villanelli

Cover Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Publisher: Marvel

Published: November 03, 2021

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