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Published on June 7th, 2017 | by Edwin Millheim

Star Trek Bridge Crew Review

Star Trek Bridge Crew Review Edwin Millheim

Summary: Star Trek Bridge Crew is a VR dream and opens up almost endless possibilities for gamers!


A VR Dream!

Thanks to Virtual Reality, we now can experience what so many science fiction fans have imagined for so long. Best of all, we can experience it with some of our friends. How we dreamed of having the experience of such galaxy spanning experiences with the crew and ships of the Federation of Planets.

Thanks to Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment, we are plunged whole heartedly into the intergalactic adventures of the Federation. Though bound only to the bridge of your Star Ship, the experience is actually rather rewarding. No shuttlecraft missions, no away missions. That would be entirely different game. This games focus is on the Bridge of a Star Ship.

Space, the final frontier, these are the further voyages of the United Federation of Planets. Best part of all? Thanks to this game, you have a front row seat, right in the middle of the action, thanks to Virtual Reality.

Like any game out there that has multiplayer features, you can play it as silly and goofy as you want. On the other hand, you and your friends can slip into personas and really role-play. Acting the parts and oh what adventures.

Further, as any game or concept brought forth to a new way of gaming there is room to grow and to make things even better than what is first presented in future renditions. We can only hope that there will be further adventures and add on to the franchise. Though outside of the generated missions after the story missions, there is no word on that as of yet. We can only hope that this game will get continued support and not be treated as a throw away one and done game.

Even with the VERY short campaign onward. Star Trek Bridge crew is too good of a game to ignore… it can do with more missions, maybe even different bridges, and ship types to command but it still works. So yeah, Ubisoft and Red Storm this game can really use more story mission campaigns. Because 4 or maybe 5 hours of story game play just does not cut it fully. Not in regards to a taste of what this awesome game offers in a Star Trek VR experience. You opened the wormhole; fans are going to want more of this stellar experience.

Getting into the game is not without some hassles though. Before even playing the game you HAVE to have a Uplay account to even be ABLE to play the game. Even in solo mode.

I also had a problem initially crashing back to main screen, with some error code asking to check connections to the internet.
This oddity took place with both PS4 VR and Oculus Rift Versions… for whatever reason, my wireless internet no matter what speed just would not work. To work, correctly and without a crash, the connection had to be a wired one, or the game would crash back to main screen repeatedly.

Given that, Star Trek Bridge Crew is a stellar game in VR; the game itself is not without a few bumps, that one can only wonder if someone aware decided well it’s a small glitch we can still release it.

Surely with in the multitude of hyped and sent out copies of the game that players flaunted gleefully on YouTube and full-blown slap stick antics of people pre-playing the game some of these glitches had to show themselves and feedback was given…right? On the other hand, was it just a look how much awesome fun we are having with each other style of advertising campaign only?

Even with some of the minor issues (two days layer the wireless connection started working and connected to the servers.) The game is a real gem of a title.

Concisely, the main story campaign for Star Trek: Bridge Crew has the Federation Star Ship, the USS Aegis in search of a new home world for the surviving Vulcans after the destruction of Vulcan. The most promising place to search is an area of space called The Trench. Unfortunately, The Klingons have an interest in the region as well and it is up to the crew of The USS Aegis to find out what is going on.
If you are anything like myself, you will notice the USS Aegis has technology from the new alternate reality created and introduced in the Star Trek Reboot film from 2009 known as the Kelvin time line.

Fans will have a big smile on their face as they take on such missions as the Kobayashi Maru, a possible no win situation, how well will you and your crew do?

The game also has on going randomized missions that you can continue your voyages. (More campaign missions Ubisoft/Redstorm… hint, hint)

In the ongoing missions, players can replace the more modern Starship with the original starship from the 60’s Television show.
Game controls at each of the crew stations are surprisingly easy to learn. Dare I say it, logical. In a rush and forgot what button does what? There are pop ups that show the controls so as not to take a player out of the experience.

I also found that the Oculus Rift controllers felt more natural that the PS4 Move controllers. You can also play with the game pad, but this really takes a lot away from what the game is all about.

While the game is manageable in solo play, things really start to spark when it is a shared experience. Therefore, with multiplayer, someone plays as Captain, tactical, engineering and navigational officers.

There is major possibilities here for a group of players to get into the Role Playing side of things here in Star Fleet. Without the ongoing missions part of the game, I would not have recommended the game. Thankfully, the designers had the foresight to know that the small campaign just was not going to be enough to keep the game alive.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew still feels like it could be so much more and here is hoping that this is not just a one and done kind of thing. With the right support, gamers will be playing it for some time down the line. There are so many worlds and other cultures in the Star Trek Mythos to explore. Squaring off against the Romulans would be a heck of a campaign.

With that said, there are some glitches in the game such as the AI. Sometimes the AI helm will fly you into things like space stations. Surely, your helmsman is not drinking Romulan ale? So when this happens you have to order a full reverse or take over the helm to maneuver around the object.

Right now I would say Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a dream come true for all the Trek fans and is just the thing for other gamers to get into.

Ramming Speeeeeeed!

Have fun, play games
Edwin Millheim

Game Details

Star Trek Bridge Crew
Published By: Ubisoft
Developed By: Red Storm Entertainment
Reviewed on PS4 VR and Oculus Rift VR
Available On: PS4, PC (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) (Full Cross platform play)
Reviewed by Edwin Millheim

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