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Summary: Takes a whole team of superpowered individuals to confront Carnage.



Spider-Man 2099 and Venom vs. Grisly Carnage

Spider-Man 2099 and his ragtag crew remain on Carnage’s tail after he narrowly escapes Ghost Rider’s attempt to reduce him to nothing. While the others finish up their bouts with other situations, Miguel shadows the hive and discovers that they are trying to take this hazard globally in Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis #5. Not willing to let that happen, Miguel decides that the act of hiding and bidding out one’s time is no longer an action they can afford. Meanwhile, Daredevil steps in to help Moon Knight against The Punisher and Spider-Woman handles members of the hive alone. As the plight of battle heightens, Venom and Miguel team up to take down a horrid new version of Carnage.

As this story ends, Steve Orlando (Astonishing Iceman, Crude, The Unexpected) leaves on a cliffhanger that more of Miguel and the universe of 2099 will return. However, from the looks of this final issue of Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis #5 it’s best to say that Orlando has more to explore with this mutant webslinger. Of course, Orlando’s story panned out more than was expected. For example, Carnage brought so much uncertainty to this comic book. It is since he turned into a behemoth of a blood-fueled monster that it takes a whole team of superpowered individuals to confront him, which says a lot about how dangerous he is. Supposedly, even in the future, there are monsters out there somewhere waiting to be unleashed upon the world. Clearly, Orlando designed this story to work so well that there is still more to unravel and more to see. The number of characters occupying a single comic book is astounding and Orlando wrote a story worth reading.

Moreover, Justin Mason (Death of the Venomverse) had of lot moving parts that were greatly executed in art style and consistency. He really brought this comic book home with the volume of illustrative command. As the last issue in this series, Mason’s style never ceased to be a bother when reading from page to page. His art always felt smooth and painless to the eyes. The effort he put into creating this work of art is not so easy and his passion for working on this Spider-Man was shown through his tenacity. Thankfully, Mason may have done one of his best works here. In terms of artwork, Nick Bradshaw (Reanimator, Soulfire, Thanos) and Neeraj Menon (Midnight Suns, Punchline, Wolverine) made a keen cover for Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis #5. The characters conglomerate all in the center. The swirl of blood that is Carnage delivers a reflection residing within the comic book. Probably not literally, but the aura of this cover resonates with the characters.

Arriving belated to the story of Spider-Man 2099, Antonio Fabela (Guardians 3000, Lucifer, Scarlet Spider) impacts the story with his overall rich coloring pallet. Similarly, Cory Petit (Ant-Man, Contagion, Dead Man Logan) demonstrates his lettering capabilities that give the comic book a mesmerizing flare. Understanding the position of dialogue bubbles, narrative captions, and specific sound placements is right in Petit’s wheelhouse for this last issue. A job well done by both contributors.

Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis #5 ends on an encouraging mark. The bad guy gets defeated, and some questions are left to uncover, but still a good ending. Seemingly, the story of Spider-Man 2099 might be heading in another direction in the next series. For those fans that like to read Spider-Man 2099, you might want to grab this comic book for the next chapter in Miguel’s life. Be sure to check out your local comic book store or online where comics are sold.

Comic Details

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Justin Mason

Colorist: Antonio Fabela

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Cover Artists: Nick Bradshaw, Neeraj Menon

Editor: Mark Paniccia

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

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