Published on September 19th, 2022 | by Adrian Gunning

Spider-Gwen joins Fortnite in Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise

Fortnite’s brand-new Season, Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise, is now here with the newest weapons, items, POI’s, and ways to play! But it’s not just another day in paradise: a mysterious substance has appeared and is spreading fast across the Island. Players are in for a world of Chrome, Chrome, and even more Chrome.

Watch the Chapter 3 Season 4 cinematic trailer HERE.

Chrome has taken over…

  • THIS SEASON’S GAMEPLAY – Players can defy the laws of physics and embrace the Chrome in several ways. Throw a Chrome Splash on the walls of enemy-built structures to make them penetrable. Or throw down a Chrome Splash on yourself to be pure Chrome for a limited time, becoming immune to fire damage… and becoming a Blob while sprinting. While in Blob form, players will move faster, be immune to fall damage, and gain the ability to air dash. Dash into any building piece to Chrome-ify it then phase through it!

  • LOCATIONS TO EXPLORE – Chrome’s not only taking over points of interest, it’s built a brand new one: Herald’s Sanctum. In their fear of Chrome, some Island locations are seeking “safety” in the air. Condo Canyon is now an expanding POI called Cloudy Condos, only accessible via D-Launchers.

  • THE ALL-NEW BATTLE PASS – Stick the landing with Spider-Gwen, stay sharp with Paradigm (Reality-659) and live on the edge with Twyn. For those devoted to the Chrome, don’t worry: The Herald becomes available to unlock later in the Season!

    • Battle Royale and Zero Build aren’t the only places to earn XP towards the Battle Pass. Players can also earn XP in select creator-made games!

View the Chapter 3 Season 4 gameplay trailer HERE.

That was just a little slice of Paradise! For everything new in Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise, including all the new Chrome weapons, visit the Fortnite blog.

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