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SpellForce III Reforced: Console Release Date Postponed to March 8, 2022, Release Date For PC Now December 6, 2021

The release date for SpellForce III Reforced on consoles is postponed to March 8, 2022. For owners of SpellForce III on PC, the SpellForce III Reforced Edition will be a free update and will arrive on December 6, 2021. SpellForce III Reforced will be available on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One™ and PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series S/X™.

Details about the Reforced-Edition
Compared to the original SpellForce III, the all-new Reforced Edition will feature an enhanced campaign experience including the following:

    • Improved RTS mechanics and reworked RTS faction designs, introduced in the two expansions
    • Reworked Skill trees
    • Improved Quests
    • Improved Coop Mode
    • Improved loot distribution
    • Improved balancing
    • Complete rework of the hub
    • All campaign/quest logic issues are fixed

Additionally to these campaign features, the Reforced Edition will have a visually and functionally enhanced User Interface, full gamepad support, and new content:

  • A new skirmish map
  • Journey Mode: An additional game mode similar to the original SpellForce’s “Free Game Mode”, providing more than 20 hours of unique content and a lot of replay value. Can be played in Coop!
  • Journey Skirmish: Play PvP skirmish matches against other players with your overpowered journey heroes
  • Arena Mode: An additional endless game mode where you start with a fresh character, fight against waves of monsters, and buy loot and spells from merchants to compete with other players in the leaderboards. Can also be played in Coop!
  • Mod Support for the new Journey and Arena modes: Create your own Journey or arena maps and share them with the community.

SpellForce III Console Edition Overview
Additionally to the SpellForce III Reforced base game, both expansions will also be available on March 8th, 2022. “Soul Harvest” and “Fallen God” will each one sold separately. Both expansions feature their own single-player campaign with 30+ hours of gameplay each, as well as new units and more. The whole package, called SpellForce III Reforced Complete Edition, is also available.

Watch the SpellForce III Reforced Trailer on YouTube:

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