Published on May 26th, 2024 | by Brent Thomas

Soundcore AeroFit Ear Buds Review (Open-Ear)

Music, podcasts and audiobooks are a huge part of my life. Whether it is commuting, doing housework, completing admin tasks/ phone calls at work or exercising, I am frequently listening to audio media. Although my in-ear earbuds have great audio quality, I have become increasingly aware of not being able to hear external noise whilst listening with them.

I was able to try and review the Soundcore AeroFit open ear buds. For their specific uses they offer great open ear sound and are extremely comfortable.

It is important to understand their intended purpose which is not offering noise cancellation or passive external sound reduction. So not for use on aeroplanes or noisy commercial gyms. What they do offer though, is a way to listen to media clearly whilst not being completely cut off to the external world such as other people trying to speak with you and improves ability to safely hear cars and traffic.

What’s included in the box:

  • Charging Case
  • Open Earbuds Pair
  • USB-C Charging Cable

Notable Technical Specifications:

  • 14mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Main materials Titanium, Polymer
  • 11 hour playtime/ 42 hours with charging case
  • Fast charge in 10 minutes = 4 hours playback
  • Earbuds charge from 0-100% in 1 hour via charging case
  • Touch control
  • Earbuds weight 2x 8.5g (Total weight 64.6g with case)
  • Bluetooth Range 10m
  • IPX7 waterproof (can be submerged in water for 30 minutes)
  • Call function with 4 microphones (uses AI algorthim)
  • Multipoint connection for multiple devices simultaneously
  • Soundcore App Connectivity with custom sound modes, EQ and balance

I used the open earbuds for a number of weeks and found them to be extremely comfortable for long periods of wear time around the house and outside training. The units wrapped around my ears well, even when running and cycling they locked in place perfectly while not causing any discomfort. The open-ear design also meant that my unit was never clogged with sweat or ear wax buildup.

To note, for my specific ear anatomy I had to rotate the earbuds a little further forward to ensure the external speakers were tucked close to my ear canal. After getting used to this they were great. The battery lasted as long as advertised, which is extremely convenient to not have to worry about frequent charging.

It was easy to connect the earbuds via Bluetooth to my iPhone and laptop. Initially I thought default settings lacked a bit of bass and volume, but once I tinkered with the custom EQ and Soundcore signature settings, I was able to find a mode for voice and a mode for music. Not quite as good as ANC or in-earbuds sound quality, but far better then the bone conduction earbuds I have trialled, and much more comfortable. They really shine for use with podcasts and audiobooks.

It is important to note, as the open earbuds allow external noise- there can be times when loud road traffic or external noise can make it hard to hear some audio content clearly. However, in the past this is when I would have turned my in earbuds up louder, which may be an issue for exposure to loud noises- I have become increasingly aware of protecting my hearing.

I ended up turning off the short- press button settings as I found it too easy to knock them if adjusting the earbuds- a bit too sensitive. But found it fine to adjust songs/ volume etc. via phone/ laptop instead. At least there are no buttons on the unit that could potentially break, which has happened with other devices for me in the past.

Bluetooth had great range and easily stayed connected to multiple devices as I walked around the house to complete home tasks and could hear the family if they needed me while listening to my current audiobook.

Final Impressions (4.3/5) – Comfortable, great battery life and perfect for outdoors

The Soundcore AeroFit open-ear earbuds offer excellent comfort and battery life excelling with podcasts and audiobook use, whilst maintaining situational awareness for external noise. Compared to it’s earbud peers music quality is still very good and exceeds bone conduction headphones. If you want to use them for situations that don’t call for audiophile-like music quality or Active noise cancelling, they are a great choice for long exercise and work sessions.

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