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Sneak around, assassinate hostile guards, and escape. SEVEN: The Days Long Gone protagonist’s gatecrashing skills are revealed in a new teaser trailer

After sharing some stunning locations from the game a couple of weeks ago, IMGN.PRO and Fool’s Theory are now ready to demonstrate what a good thief is capable of. Catlike moves, agility, velocity, and the ability to kill and vanish in an instant is what makes a great thief – a thief who could make a change in the world of SEVEN: The Days Long Gone…

No-one said being a thief was easy. Living in the shadows, having more enemies than friends, often doing things that ain’t pretty. Not without a pleasure, though. The adrenaline, the rush in your veins as you sneak in and out without anybody noticing is second to none. Problems? Sure. Sometimes they do happen. But so far you haven’t faced one that couldn’t be solved one way or another. In fact, usually those “problems” are slow, bored, and not really paying attention to what’s going on around them. Which makes handling them so much easier. It only takes patience. Patience allows you to shut them down quietly. But if endurance is not one of your virtues, then… Well, brutal force is an option too. Less sophisticated, but reliable and always available…

The trailer shows the main character, Teriel, sneaking through a security checkpoint, many of which are scattered across the island of Peh. As well as supporting a visa system to regulate the flow of prisoners around the island, Technomagi use these checkpoints as transfer stations for cargo transport. By hacking the central units of each cargo branch – known as overseers – Teriel can unlock fast travel routes to allow undetected transport.

“Diversity and the freedom of choice in our game is what we’re concentrating on,” says Jakub Rokosz, the founder of Fool’s Theory and the IMGN.PRO Project Lead. “What you can see in the teaser we’ve revealed today is how to avoid being caught, how to quietly put guards out of action, and how to carry out a surprise attack. But if that isn’t your thing, if you prefer to go berserk, then the game won’t stop you from doing so. In fact, most locations offer a couple of different ways to achieve your goal. Depending on your playthrough style, you can sneak or use brutal force. RPGs are about playing a role, but we don’t want to tell you how the role of a thief should be played. We believe it’s for you to decide and our job is to make sure the quest design won’t stop you from doing it,” Rokosz adds.

SEVEN: The Days Long Gone is a 3D isometric RPG in which players can freely explore the sandbox world of the Vetrall Empire. Set in a “beyond post-apocalyptic” environment, the title will redefine how the isometric RPG genre is played. The climbing system will allow you to free-traverse obstacles of any height, both horizontally and vertically.

On the prison island of Peh, you will experience rich stories of conspiracy, discovery, and betrayal set within an unforgiving world filled with mysterious technology and Dark Age superstition. As a master thief possessed by an ancient daemon, you are deported to Peh on a mission that could decide the fate of all humanity.

• A 3D isometric RPG that will redefine how the genre is played.
• The sandbox world of the Vetrall Empire available for free exploration.
• A “beyond post-apocalyptic” setting.
• Stunning environments – from a mystical swamp, to Mortbane – small town on the island of Peh, to Hallard – the “hi-tech” city of the world, capital of the Vetrall Empire, and the headquarters of Emperor Drugun.
• Multiple ways of completing tasks in most locations.
• A unique climbing system that will allow you to freely traverse obstacles of any height, both horizontally and vertically.
• An unforgiving world filled with mysterious technology and Dark Age superstition.

More information about the game can be found on the official website at, and on the Facebook and Twitter profiles.

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