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Summary: These two powerhouses put the clobber in Clobberin’ Time.


A great read

Marvel’s two heavy hitters put their fists to the test in this jam-packed brawl of monsters and mayhem.

On a peaceful afternoon, Bruce, Reed, and Ben partake in a casual luncheon, but circumstances change when a mysterious nightmarish blend of Iron Man and Doctor Doom breaches the Baxter Building in Clobberin’ Time #1. The story follows The Hulk and The Thing as they are transported to a planet lost to both time and place in the cosmos. Stranded, Bruce and Ben have found themselves with no way home. Luckily, they are met with a tribe of tranquil denizens that live there. The unfortunate dilemma is hordes of demons have taken their Sorcerer Supreme hostage and are trying to wipe them off the face of the planet. Not willing to let that idly stand by, Bruce wakes up the big green angry fellow and Ben braces for the greatest smackdown of his career. These two powerhouses put the clobber in Clobberin’ time in a new tale spinning out of Marvel Comics. A duo of incredible strength that no army can match.

In Clobberin’ Time #1, Skroce (Wolverine, X-Man, Post Americana) writes and illustrates a story that fans of The Hulk and The Thing alike will enjoy. Skroce presents a tale that not only brings two opposite characters together but has them working side-by-side, what seems to be for the first time ever. On any other occasion, these incredible behemoths would be seen trading blows with one another in a fury of fists and shattering sound barriers to see who’s the strongest. Instead, Skroce gives Marvel fans the greatest display of what these two can do when they are not at each other’s throats. The magnitude of unrivaled strength is a spectacle of amazement. A homage to the era of Stan Lee and his marvel style. Skroce’s artwork and dialogue match perfectly as The Hulk and The Thing still have their rivalry but in a fun way. The constant back-and-forth banter was entertaining as it may give readers a chuckle. It played a significant part in showcasing the dynamic between the two heroes who respect each other. Simultaneously, Skroce’s sense of humor placed throughout the comic book added a flair of satisfaction. The impressive feature of this comic book is how vivid the coloring stayed consistent.

Thanks to Valenza’s (The Invincible Iron Man, Witchblade, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) excellent coloring skills, Clobberin’ Time flourished excitedly. His coloring enriches the world that The Hulk and The Thing have been sent to. The impact of such color work allowed the comic to breathe with freshness and expression that defines how a monster mash should be seen. Amidst the pound-for-pound action, letterer Sabino (Carnage, Extermination, Scarlet) weaves through each panel exercising his lettering dexterity. From the force of a powerful punch to a roaring battle cry, Sabino gives a visual audio that nearly leaps from the pages. His impact on the story collides completely with the written and illustrative creativity of Skroce’s work.

Comparatively, Skroce and White’s (X-Force, The Darkness, Action Comics) cover artwork says it all. The Thing and Hulk battered and torn standing among defeated foes as more come their way is inviting imagery to reel in readers. Personally, it’s a nice touch that compliments the title of the comic itself. Two of the strongest melee fighters on the cover should be more than enough to astound fans.

Clobberin’ Time #1 is a great read for those that like to follow both Hulk and The Thing. The story is not something a comic book fan wants to miss out on. It has everything you need to sit down and remember what makes a comic book worth reading. If that’s not enough to be convincing, then it’s encouraged to add this comic book to your collection wherever you can purchase it. It’s available as we speak!

Comic Details:

Writer: Steve Skroce

Artist: Steve Skroce

Cover Artists: Steve Skroce, Dean White

Color Artist: Bryan Valenza

Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino

Editor: Tom Brevoort

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

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