Published on July 2nd, 2020 | by Andrew Bistak

Smart Wi-Fi Plug with USB Review (Connect SmartHome)

Smart Wi-Fi Plug with USB Review (Connect SmartHome) Andrew Bistak

Summary: Smart Wi-Fi Plug with USB turns almost anything into a smart device!


Clever power!

Having smart home technology really adds a uniqueness to your home and more importantly, it makes your life easier, particularly with the integration with smart assistants such as Alexa and Google. So while you can control a myriad of devices in your home from lights to TV’s or asking what the temperature is in your living room, these technologies are slowly becoming the new norm.

While not all devices have inbuilt smart technology, this is where the Smart Wi-Fi Plug with USB comes into the picture from Connect SmartHome which is basically turns your power point into a smart device, including the inclusion of a 2 USB ports charge your smart devices. It’s almost plug and play with a minimal fuss install.

So how does all this wonderful smart technology work? It basically connects to your Wi-Fi and your phone which in turn allows it to connect to other devices like Alexa or Google Home.

There’s basically three steps that are required to set this device up.

Firstly you download the Connect SmartHome app for phone, install the plug and then pair it with your phone. The app is quite easy to use (although a little clunky) and it walks you through the process by finding the right smart device and then connecting it to your smartphone.

Once this connection has been established, you can then download a skill for Alexa that allows you to turn this device on and off via your voice. I connected the plug to our kitchen power point and then plugged a kettle to it which meant that I could easily turn my kettle on/off from anywhere in the home and even the world for that matter. The second plug was connected to my study lamp and through Alexa, I could ask it to turn it on/off with just my voice.

Now this is where smart technology gets impressive.

I have Alexa Auto for the car which is the car version of the popular Alexa device for homes. On the way home the other night, I asked Alexa to turn my study light on courtesy of the Connect SmartHome Smart Wi-Fi Plug with USB and then to turn the kettle on so that I could make a cup of tea. When I walked into my home five minutes later, my study light was on and the kettle had boiled the water which was ready for my very hot cup of tea.

With that said, you don’t have to use a smart assistant like Alexa or Google to control these plugs as you can also use the app via your phone that adds another control method to this device.

Needless to say, you’re only limited by your imagination in what you can connect to this plug in order for it to be smart powered. While my smart TV doesn’t have an inbuilt voice assistant, I did try the plug with the TV and it allowed me to turn it on and off via my voice which is great, especially when you’re half asleep at night and just want to go to bed.


Final Thoughts?

The Connect SmartHome Smart Wi-Fi Plug with USB is a very easy solution to turn a non-smart device into a smart device that boasts easy installation and more importantly, a product that really works. Add in two handy USB sockets and you have everything you need in a very clever device from Connect SmartHome.


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