Published on September 15th, 2020 | by Adrian Gunning

Smart Lights for a Smarter WFH Setup

Melbourne, Australia – Working from home has been a difficult adjustment for many in isolation, but different lighting might just ease the process. Lighting design company Brightgreen just released a full smart light range that can help people transition through their days with circadian lighting.

“Working from home during isolation has made everyone aware of their lighting setup and perhaps how insufficient it is for work-life balance,” said Brightgreen CEO, David O’Driscoll. “High brightness and CCT are essential to effectively wake up and focus. Conversely, low brightness and CCT are needed to initiate a great night’s sleep.”

The company calls these features Day Shift and Night Shift. A variable correlated colour temperature (CCT) regulates the body’s circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle) by naturally manipulating melatonin production. Cooler lighting temperatures and high brightness encourage feelings of wakefulness and focus (Day Shift), while warmer temperatures and dim lighting increase feelings of relaxation and restfulness (Night Shift).

Other product features include low-glare lenses and housing designs to increase visual comfort, high light quality via the Tru-colour technology the company is known for (97 on the Color Rendering Index), high frequency drivers for smooth dimming, directional beams and gimbals for control, and high value designs ensure aesthetic isn’t traded for smart capabilities.

“There are a lot of good smart home apps on the market,” said O’Driscoll, “but with low-quality lighting. We have a full range of smart lights, and that’s just not something that’s existed yet.”

Brightgreen’s smart light range includes downlights, strip lights, wall lights, panel lights, track and pendant designs, as well as linear styles. The lights are compatible with the most prominent smart home apps on the market, but a Brightgreen hub is also available for those who want to begin scaling up to the company’s full wellness system. The full range can be seen on their website.


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