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SkyBound X #3 Review

SkyBound X #3 Review Kevin Mwenda
Rick Grimes 2000: Chapter 3
Murder Falcon: Those Days
Science Dog: Chapter 2
Assassin Nation: Boy Trip

Summary: The third and fourth stories do much of the heavy lifting in the comic.


Maximum Violence


The Story

SkyBound X #3 continues the previous trend by featuring four different stories by various creators, writers, and colorists.

SkyBound X #3 first story is “Rick Grimes 2000: Chapter 3”. Like the second, death follows Rick, but the arrival of Andrea sees him saved using futuristic technology stolen from the aliens. Besides this, Andrea kills the Governor without a second thought. It seems like a lot has changed in this futuristic apocalypse as we learn that a lot more people survived and have built their own Sanctuary to protect and hide from the aliens, and zombies. Unfortunately, the peace they have enjoyed is cut short with the introduction of a Negan, I presume it’s the one guy who has singlehandedly managed to breach the Sanctuary’s outer walls while wielding the powerful Lucille. I am left to wonder how the story will continue, what power the new villain possesses, and how will Rick and friends defeat him.

The second story is “Murder Falcon: Those Days” and it is written by Daniel Warren Johnson and Colored by Mike Spicer. A lot is happening in the story: a van crashes into a store, Jake plays music while Murf fights some Veldar Goblins, suddenly there is a mammoth in the fight, and the people are fighting to get some drum sets from an even bigger monster than the Veldar goblins.

The third, “Science Dog: Chapter 2” continues Science’s story after saving Admiral Scott in the explosion set off aboard the aircraft carrier they are on. We get to experience Science’s smartness, however, he is still unable to learn the people responsible for setting the bomb, and who was the target. Later, Science learns who the real target was, but this sets him off on another adventure as a portal falls on top of him. I loved the story, where the writer clearly shows off Science’s abilities and intellect through his actions and investigation skills.

The last “Assassin Nation: Boy Trip” is created by Kyle Starks, drawn by cartoonist Erica Henderson, and Artist Deron Bennett. It starts as a conversation between two people, but later we soon come to learn that the two are a team of assassins sent to kill the leader of Mamba Kings Bike Club. A fight ensues between the two groups, with one of the men fighting the bikers, while the other provides support using the sniper rifle. In another part of town, we are introduced to the new Queen of the city’s underworld and soon learn that there are those out to kill her.

Final thoughts

SkyBound X #3 is not as good as the first two issues in the SkyBound X series. While Rick Grimes 2000 story excels with its gore-ish visual design, it also fails where it overshadows the exploration of the story and what’s important such as how the world got to be that way. And the creation of the Sanctuary. “Those Days” seems like an interesting story, but it is watered down by the artwork and visual designs where the reader can barely make out the people, actions, or monsters/Goblins seen in most of the panels.

Comic information

Release Date: July 21, 2021

Publisher: Image Comics

Writers: Daniel Warren Johnson, Robert Kirkman, Kyle Starks

Artists: Daniel Warren Johnson, Erica Henderson, Cory Walker

Covers: Arthur Adams, Cory Walker, Erica Henderson, Daniel Warren Johnson

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