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Skully Nintendo Switch Review

Skully Nintendo Switch Review Admin

Summary: Skully is a fun and "virtual" muddy magical world!


Magical fun!

About Skully: Fate has bestowed Skully a second chance at life when an enigmatic deity reanimates the skull through the power of magical clay after it washes upon the shore of a secluded isle. Skully must hop, skip, and roll through this diverse island habitat teeming with obstacles and puzzles to intervene in a feud between the deity’s three siblings whose quarrel jeopardizes the place they call home.

Hugh spent the past week up to his neck in magical mud, playing Skully on the Nintendo Switch, here’s what he has to say on the game but first, let’s check out the launch trailer:


Playing through Skully is like taking a refreshing mudbath for my gaming soul. The gameplay concept sounds ludicrous but it’s a refreshingly unique concept that works tremendously well; imagine Marble Madness meets Spyro the Dragon – sounds crazy, right?

The majority of the game is spent as a round skull rolling through sprawling, linear, 3D levels, jumping between platforms and collecting hidden golden leaves as you’re guided by a mystical spirit companion on a quest to defeat his corrupted siblings.

Eventually you’ll come across magical mud pools that allow Skully to manifest into larger forms, like the rock golem that can destroy enemies and punch through walls. The action feels great and swapping between different forms makes the gameplay feel dynamic and fun.

Final Thoughts?

Couple this with some excellent vistas, cool level design ideas and a charming cast of characters, it’s no wonder Skully has sucked me into its magical, muddy world.

Key Features

Hop, skip and roll your way to victory. Dodge obstacles across the island as Skully, a reanimated skull brought back to life by the power of magical clay.

Adapt to your environment. Transform into three distinct forms to overcome challenges and defeat enemies.

Traverse a mysterious island. Roll through 18 different levels in 7 distinct ecosystems each packed with unique dangers.

Explore a compelling story. Fully voiced dialogue and cutscenes breathe life into the island’s inhabitants and the charming world of Skully!

Stop a destructive rivalry. Discover the secret behind the deity’s family conflict and end their quarrel.

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