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Shen’s Last Gift now available for XCOM 2

2K and Firaxis Games are excited to announce that Shen’s Last Gift, the third DLC pack for XCOM 2, is available now. Shen’s Last Gift is included as part of the Reinforcement Pack which is AUD$29.99. It is also available for purchase individually for AUD$14.99.

In Shen’s Last Gift, XCOM has uncovered intel on a hidden ADVENT facility, which we believe to be the testing grounds for potential new alien weaponry. Lily Shen, Chief Engineer on the Avenger, has volunteered to accompany your most elite squad as they infiltrate this facility, so that she may help uncover and assess what impact this new alien tech will have in our efforts to reclaim Earth.

For more information head to the official XCOM blog:

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