Published on November 6th, 2022 | by Tim Chuma

She-Hulk #7 (2022) Review

She-Hulk #7 (2022) Review Tim Chuma



Summary: Still worthwhile if you are enjoying the series and like this character.


The morning after She Hulk and Jack of Heart’s alone time and she has to go into the office on a Saturday for work. She Hulk is puzzled that there is a client who can only come in on a Saturday but agrees to it with surprising results. Later, she decides to follow up with the partner of “Jack” who attacked her on the street with shocking results.

With the series on Disney plus finished this story can go its own way now and it was always on a different track as it is. I was surprised to see one of the covers for this series featured in the show as they film things way out from when they are aired.

This one was fun enough with the new client that She Hulk gets at her work and some action towards the back end.

I would still recommend this one if you are enjoying the series and like this character.

Comic details:

Writer: Rainbow Rowell

Penciler: Luca Maresca

Cover Artist: Jen Bartel

Publisher: Marvel

Published: November 02, 2022

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