Published on March 25th, 2020 | by Tim Chuma

SEX CRIMINALS #28 (2020) Review

SEX CRIMINALS #28 (2020) Review Tim Chuma

Summary: A man jizzes so hard he can see through time. Do you need to know any more?


Flux my capacitor baby!

At the top a skyscraper a man clad only in a bathrobe lays it all down on how he started to be able to see through time after having sex and how the woman he is talking to is involved. The large structure they are in front of is a battery he is hoping will allow him to travel to the past to try and change events. The woman does not agree and also wants him to put on some pants. He gets that a lot from people so he ignores it.

If you couldn’t guess from the name this one is for adults only and also probably needs you to have read the rest of the series to make sense of what is going on. The story does seem interesting enough and I certainly have not heard of the time travelling sex angle before.

The artwork does seem more realistic than a lot of other stories of this type to make up for the time travel aspect and they do explicitly show sex acts in this so again for adults only.

I don’t really know who I could recommend this to as most people would want a serious science fiction story or just an erotic novel but not both. I am not super into science fiction but I am sure there are other stories that involve this sort of thing I just have not heard of them before.

Final Thoughts?

If you were determined to read something different I would recommend reading this. Might be best to wait for the trade paperback to come out so you can read all of the story at once though.

Comic details:

Writer: Matt Fraction

Artist: Chip Zdarsky

Publisher: Image Comics

Published: March 25, 2020

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