Published on December 8th, 2023 | by Adrian Gunning

Set Sail Today with Safer Seas in Sea of Thieves

This morning, Xbox Game Studio Rare announced the launch of Safer Seas as part of Sea of Thieves Season 10, a new game mode that allows players to set sail in a private world with up to three friends without disruption from other players. Safer Seas allows players to learn the essentials of Sea of Thieves without losing the joy of discovery the game has to offer. For a complete rundown of how Safer Seas works, the impact on player progression, and what content is exclusive to the traditional High Seas mode, check out or a video summary of the feature from Rare.

Ahead of the holidays, we’re excited to outline the different ways Safer Seas can change the way you play Sea of Thieves:

  • For the Solo Swashbucklers – Set off on your sloop for a truly solo Sea of Thieves adventure with Safer Seas, ensuring nothing will come between you and the ultimate pirate experience.
  • For the Coziest Vibes – From the rolling seas and island sunsets to kicking back with a fishing pole, wrap yourself in Safer Seas to take in the unparalleled ambiance Sea of Thieves has to offer.
  • For a Dose of Disney Magic – With A Pirate’s Life and The Legend of Monkey Island providing Disney-themed fun, Safer Seas allows players to set off on adventures with their favorite pirates unimpeded by the larger Sea of Thieves
  • For the Friendly Chaos – While Safer Seas is insulated from the game’s shared world crew-based shenanigans with up to three friends have been carefully preserved, making for the ultimate environment for all the creative hijinks you can conjure.
  • For the Goonies at Heart – Embrace your inner adventurer with Sea of Thieves’ story-driven quests and explore the mysteries of the Sea of Thieves world across the Shores of Gold or Ashen Age questlines.
  • For the Protective Parents – Safer Seas provides the perfect place to introduce Sea of Thieves to your family, removing the tension of shared world multiplayer for a more controlled pirate adventure.

While the shared world will always be at the center of Sea of Thieves, Rare are excited to welcome a fleet of new players with Safer Seas. No matter your previous experience (or inexperience) with Sea of Thieves, we hope you can find something to love about the game with Safer Seas. If you’d like to learn more about Sea of Thieves, other titles from Xbox Game Studios or our extended families at Bethesda and Activision/Blizzard/King, stay tuned to Xbox Wire.

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