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Selknam Defense Review

Selknam Defense Review admin

Summary: Selknam Defense a good simple time killer



Selknam Defense
Developer: Bad Games
Genre: Tower Defense
Format: PC
Publisher: Meridian4
Reviewer: Shael Edwin

Selknam Defense is a strategy game that opens up with a basic skim-over of a historical event – the attack of the Selknam people by the Europeans. Made by Bad Games, Selknam Defense comprises of pretty simple elements that make the building blocks for a potentially complicated play session, depending on how far you get in the game.


To start things off, you have your average warrior-type Selknams, characters dressed in black and white attire holding spears. They’re your frontline fighters, taking enemies head-on. The stunner bowlers, as described in the game, team up with archers to trap their enemies, using their strength and throwing skills to their advantage. The sniper archers are your typical archer type, shooting enemies from a distance. The higher level version, the delayer archers, slow enemies down so others can take them out. Finally there are the healers, which, well… heal their fellow Selknams.

The invaders against the Selknams vary as well. Some fight with swords, able to engage only in melee combat (obviously). Others fight with rifles, and others bulldoze straight through without attacking, aiming to only get to the Selknams’ camps that they are trying to defend. Even mad scientists and chemists try to make their way to their goal amongst the other enemies. The chemists possess a terrible poison that clouds the area after they die, causing periodic damage to nearby Selknams. Mad scientists, also called the rabbits in this game, move quickly through the map, weaving straight through the enemy lines towards the camps, making them a bit difficult to tag. However, they don’t have much health so they’re fairly easy to take out assuming the Selknam forces are strong enough. Other formidable enemies are the convicts, which hold gunpowder barrels and walk straight for the Selknams. Upon impact the barrels explode, killing both the convicts and just about any Selknams in the area. Adding to the interesting mix of invaders are the pirates, which understandingly enough fight with a hook and sword, and stand to be a bit stronger than the soldiers.

A fairly typical tower defense game, Selknam Defense glazes over the historical significance of the Selknams and the Europeans (and the genocide of the indigenous Selknam people), and dives right into the nitty gritty of the game, ladened with soldiers of varying types from each side. Players work to re-write history basically, fighting as the Selknams trying to defend their land, or in this case, their camps.

Early levels are fairly simple to master, not requiring too much strategy to overcome enemies. However, once it hits around level seven and up, things get quite a bit more challenging as the enemy waves are more difficult to manage and Selknam placement at the right times becomes more and more important.


A good, simple time killer, Selknam Defense is sure to entertain audiences of varying ages. If you like tower defense games, this is a pretty standard take on it. The mechanics are simple to pick up on, making it easy to master the basics quickly.

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