Published on November 4th, 2021 | by Adrian Gunning

Seize the Throne: Join the PlayStation community event for a chance to win a PS5

PlayStation Australia is excited to announce that Seize the Throne, an exciting new community event is now live. The event draws inspiration from the new global brand spot, The City Where Play Has No Limits.

The special event calls on players to join together in a chess-themed celebration*, playing together to complete three stages of Community Goals, players can reach the King’s tower, access the Inner Chambers and breach the Throne Room earning exclusive PSN avatars and a one-of-a-kind PS4 theme along the way.**

Players will also compete to win grand prizes by testing their PlayStation knowledge in a series of challenging trivia questions. Grand prizes include a PlayStation 5 console, the King’s PlayStation Shape’s Ring Set and a bundle featuring a Pulse 3D Wireless Headset and PlayStation Store digital gift card.

Registrations are open now and will remain open until the end of Stage Two. The first part of the competition ends when the community completes all three Stages to seize the throne, or until November 16th (whichever comes first).

How to play:

  1. SIGN UP – Registration is free! Sign up with your PSN Sign-In ID here to start contributing to all future community goals as soon as the next stage begins.
  2. PLAY – Every time you play a game, use the share features or earn a trophy in any PS4 or PS5 game, you’ll earn points that contribute to the current community goal. When the community hits the target, everyone who signed up before the Stage started wins!
  3. WIN EXCLUSIVE REWARDS – Earn exclusive avatar and theme rewards when the Community hits a goal, as well as the chance to compete for the grand prizes!

To learn more about the Seize the Throne community challenge and prizes, head to the PlayStation blog and sign up here.

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