Published on March 30th, 2024 | by Chris O'Connor

Sea Of Thieves The Cookbook Review

Sea Of Thieves The Cookbook Review Chris O'Connor

Summary: After buckling your swash and shivering your timbers, tuck in to some fancy feasts inspired by the game Sea of Thieves.


Mariner Meals

Are cookbooks based on books/movies etc gimmicky… yes. Are they a bit of fun… yes. Do they have good recipes… sometimes.

Despite not having had a chance to play Sea of Thieves (yet), I am aware of the general concept and I like trying new recipes… so having a look at a cookbook with recipes inspired by the game seemed like it could be rewarding.

The first thing that will stand out is the presentation. A lot of care has been taken to incorporate images and themes of the game into the cook book and indeed the recipes are broken down into regions and places within those regions.

Each section has a little introduction to the area in a sort of Pirates Lonely Planet style, pointing out the features of the location and then pointing you towards the eateries to be found there. This is arguably the sort of thing that makes this book stand out from a regular cook book… it can have a bit of fun with the lore of the game. Some of the images appear to be a lovely blending of the real dish and a fitting scene from the game itself.

In terms of the actual recipes… well the first thing to note is this is clearly written with imperial measurements, there is a conversion table at the back but it’s probably just as easy to do a quick internet search for a conversion calculator or similar. Some of the ingredients may be tricky to find, certainly in “regular” supermarkets… so a bit of your own adventuring might be required to track down certain ingredients. Another thing to note is that some recipes do require special equipment, most notably an icecream maker is used a number of times throughout… so there might be some recipes that are just not “easily” attainable without some investment.

But are the recipes good? Well yes. I tried a few and the ones I did were quite successful. I went with the Antiquated Coffee Rub Steak and the Pineapple Beignets. The Antiquated Coffee Rub Steak had a nice flavour but one that my son found could be a bit intense after a few mouthfuls. I was fine with the flavour building with each bite but did also suggest if he alternated with potato or similar (which I prepared with it) it would help and he agreed.

The Pineapple Beignets were quite nice and though there was a guide for how long to cook them for, there was no indication as to the depth of oil they should be cooked in. I seemed to manage, but I’m the sort of person who prefers recipe books give a bit more information than might be required rather than assume the reader has a certain amount of experience/knowledge beforehand.

Final Thoughts?

Ultimately if you want a book that has some lovely presentation that feels like it would indeed fit right in to the world of Sea of Thieves and provides some tasty meals… certainly consider grabbing a copy.

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