Published on June 10th, 2024 | by Andrew Paul

School Holidays? Next stop Science Works!

With the Victorian school holidays just around the corner (29 June – 14 July), Science Works is the perfect place to spend a day with your kids as it offers some spectacular interactive displays, new exhibits and of course, the planetarium! Open from 10am to 4.30pm daily (except Good Friday and Christmas Day), it’s the ideal destination for budding scientist of all ages that not only expands your knowledge but also allows you to engage in the learning experience.

Science Works is split across two main levels that include the all-new Air Playground, Think Ahead, Ground Up, Stem  Leaning Lab with the upper level, Beyond Perception to name a few of the places you can visit. As mentioned interaction plays a key element of Science Works such as building your own Eco-city, learning how the body works through science and sport (including running against Cathy Freeman) to seeing the evolution of video games and the potential of space travel. Our kids also thoroughly enjoyed the Bubblemania show that played in the amphitheater with the presenter not only dazzling the audience with his creation of bubbles to throwing bite-sized science facts to the crowd.

Our exploration of Science also lead to the The Glow Show with presenter Sophia explaining the facts between lighting, electricity, chemicals and even fire as she wowed the audience, including picking a few younger scientists to become volunteers. From plasma, man-made lightning, Jacob’s Ladder, chemical reactions and the giant Tesla coil, spectacular best sums up this show while we sat safely outside the Faraday Cage. Just be warned that this is a loud show!

Of course, a visit to the Science Works also requires a visit to the planetarium which is a must! With a variety of different planetarium shows, we had the pleasure of viewing Ticket to the Universe as our knowledgeable host took us from planet Earth (aka the Pale Blue Dot) to the distance reaches of the observable universe. Besides the amazing special effects of traveling from our solar system to places unimaginable, we discover that there are over 200 billion galaxies and that closer to home, planet Earth has a satellite (aka junk) problem. We also learn about the Kuiper belt and other amazing scientific facts about our solar system such as moons I never heard of, the milky way and other wondrous space anomalies.

Final Thoughts?

Stuck for School Holiday ideas? Or haven’t been to Science Works for while? Then the answer is simple, go visit Science Works because it’s a fun day out for the entire family that will have you amazed, amused and more importantly, you’ll be a lot wiser when you leave.


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