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G-Day Mate! In anticipation of Neighbours premiering today (18th September 2023) on Network Ten in Australia, and ad-free on Prime Video on the 25th September in Australia and 26th September in New Zealand, Ring has dropped its first-ever Australian accented Quick Replies to bring the friendly, light-hearted accent of Ryan Moloney, aka Jarrod “Toadie” Rebecchi, to doorsteps across Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland.

Whether you’re unable to come to the door or just can’t tear yourself away from the latest episode of Neighbours, you can surprise your visitors with pre-recorded responses by Jarrod ‘Toadfish’ Rebecchi himself.

The collaboration means Ring customers can have ‘Toadie’ greet visitors at the door with his different Neighbours-themed Quick Replies. Available on 18th September in the Ring app, you can enable the pre-recorded responses to play when someone rings your Ring Video Doorbell.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to set them up, either. It’s easy to add Quick Replies to your Ring Video Doorbell through the Ring App. When a visitor presses the doorbell button, they’ll hear your selected Quick Reply and can leave a message with your doorbell – like voicemail for your door. You can tune in on Live View and see and speak to them in real time with Two-Way Talk or, if you are a Ring Protect subscriber, you can access the video in your event history later.

Ryan Moloney, Australian actor and Neighbours star said: “It’s been a whole year since I’ve played Toadie and now not only can fans hear some of my one-of-a-kind phrases again on screen, they can also hear me through their Ring Video Doorbell with my latest Quick Replies. I’m very excited to be bringing my voice to more than just Ramsay Street but streets across Australia & New Zealand. With only a few taps on the Ring app, you can hear the one and only Toadfish Rebecchi say, “G-Day Mate!” with a simple ring of your doorbell.”

Ryan Moloney Quick Replies Available:

“G-day mate, they’re busy doing some good neighbourly deed because, crikey, we all know ‘everyone needs good neighbours’! Why don’t you leave them a message.”
“Shh, someone is at the door! They’ll be right there.
“Hang on, they’ve got the TV on and it’s the cliff hanger moment. They’ll be right there.”


Mark Fletcher, Managing Director, APAC at Ring said: “Ring is celebrating the relaunch of Neighbours, an icon of Australian TV, by bringing Ryan Moloney’s iconic character ‘Toadie’ from the screen to your front door. Thanks to the launch of our first-ever Australian-accented Quick Replies, Toadie will be able to greet visitors through pre-selected messages whenever someone rings your video doorbell.”

The new chapter of the hit Australian drama Neighbours will launch on Prime Video in Australia on Monday, 25 September, and Prime Video in New Zealand on Tuesday, 26 September. This will follow the series premiere on Amazon Freevee and Network 10 on Monday 18 September. In Australia, Network 10 will retain first-run rights for the series, and episodes will be available ad-free on Prime Video seven days later. Internationally, Neighbours will be available on Amazon Freevee in the UK and the U.S, and Prime Video in, Canada, Ireland and South Africa.

Available now in the Ring app, you can enable Australian-themed responses to play when someone rings your Ring Video Doorbell until 18 October 2023. You can learn more here.


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