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Samsung Transforms TV’s Role in the Home

Availability and pricing of Samsung’s 2018 TV range announced 

SYDNEY, Australia – April 16, 2018 – Samsung Electronics Australia has today launched its 2018 TV range, introducing new innovations that are designed to change the TV experience for Australians. Featuring an extended offering of ultra-large-screen TVs across its flagship QLED, Premium UHD, and UHD ranges, Samsung’s 2018 offering features incredible picture quality, enhanced smart capabilities and stylish design to effortlessly complement any environment.

The 2018 TV range debuts a new standard of picture quality for Samsung TVs featuring pure colour and deep blacks in a range of lighting conditions, times of day, or content on the screen. Samsung’s inorganic Quantum Dot technology means the QLED display helps ensure that colour remains pure at high brightness across both light or dark scenes. QLED display is also resistant to damage from burn-in, and Australians can enjoy added peace of mind with a 10 Year No Screen Burn Guarantee.

The range also responds to the rising demand amongst Australians for large-screen televisions with the introduction of seven models across the lineup that are 75 inches and above. In fact, you can watch a 75” screen from just 2.3 metres away, so a compact living area or bedroom can become the theatre you never knew you had.[1]

Designed to reflect how Australians are now utilising their TVs, Samsung’s QLED TVs now seamlessly blend into their surroundings with the mere press of a dedicated Ambient Mode button on the remote. Ambient Mode enables the TV to blend into the home environment by displaying the pattern of the wall behind while displaying weather information, the time and date, family photos, and more.

The refined look of the QLED range is further enhanced by the One Clear Connection cable, which reduces cable clutter by transmitting both a data signal and power over a single thin, clear cable to the One Connect Box. This is a first for Samsung that delivers more freedom for Australians in where they place their TV.

Hass Mahdi, Head of AV, Samsung Electronics Australia said: “The way Australians watch and use their TVs is changing and we’ve responded with a lineup that reflects their lifestyle, personal style and viewing habits.

“The 2018 range opens up new experiences that will truly change the way people think about Samsung TVs and what our home entertainment products can deliver,” added Mahdi.

“We continue to deliver on picture quality whilst recognising that Aussies want technology that works around them and their passions, whether they are watching sports, movies or gaming.

“With Ambient Mode you can instantly transform the TV into a functioning screen that matches its surroundings. With the latest in Samsung’s picture quality meaning you no longer need a big room to own one, we also know that Australians are looking for larger TVs. Aussies can now get closer to the action without distraction.”


Highlights of the 2018 lineup include:


Quantum Dot

The Quantum Dots in QLED TV are inorganic, this means colours remain pure at across range of brightness levels. QLED is resistant to damage from burn-in and for added peace of mind the 2018 QLED range comes with a 10 Year No Screen Burn Guarantee.



The QLED and Premium UHD TVs are compatible with HDR10+ content (currently available on Amazon Prime).  With HDR10+ content, HDR10+ optimises colour and contrast levels for each individual scene, meaning you see the movie, just as the director intended.


Direct Full Array

Specific to the Q9F and Q8F QLED TVs, Direct Full Array technology intense, deep blacks and reduced screen reflection across images displayed onscreen via an impressive framework of precisely controlled LEDs.




Ambient Mode

Ambient Mode has been introduced on the QLED range to offer added value even when Australians are not watching TV. With a multitude of information like the weather available on the screen. Ambient Mode extends the television’s use to that of an information hub within the home.


Ambient Mode also detects the colour or pattern of the wall on which the TV is mounted and via the SmartThings app it can match the interior décor to produce an elegant, seemingly transparent screen – meaning that Australians don’t need to just see a plain, black screen when they are not watching TV. Ambient Mode also detects when people are in the room, syncing with mobile signals to activate content on the screen and then turning off when people leave.

One Clear Connection

With One Clear Connection on selected models there is now a singular cord that stands between the TV and the One Connect Box, transmitting both data and power for a seamless look.


This marks the first time on a Samsung TV that a singular TV cable that can transmit AV high capacity data while also transmitting power. The cable is designed using Teflon, which is resistant to high heat and known across industries for its durability.




Control compatible Samsung smart devices using the SmartThings app.


Smart Hub

Comes with an ever growing suite of Australia’s most popular TV streaming Apps including: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube, Stan, BigPond Movies, 7Plus, 9Now, tenplay, ABC iView, SBS OnDemand, Steam Link and many more.

With Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Stan all supporting 4K content streaming.


Samsung 2018 TV Lineup Details

The 2018 range includes:

QLED TV: Models in the 2018 QLED TV lineup include – Q9F (65”, 75”), Q8F (55”, 65”), Q7F (55”, 65”, 75”) and Q6F (55”, 65”, 75”). The QLED TVs feature enhanced colour and contrast, HDR10+ compatibility, Ambient Mode, One Remote Control and the One Clear Connection. One Clear Connection only can be used with Q7 and Q9.


Premium UHD: Models in the 2018 Premium UHD TV lineup include NU8500 and NU8000. The Premium UHD TVs include features such as dynamic crystal colour, 200Hz Motion Refresh Rate, HDR10+ compatibility, clean cable solutions, low input lag Game Mode and One Remote Control.


UHD: Models in the 2018 UHD TV lineup include NU7100 (75/65/55/49/43). These UHD TVs include features such as 4K UHD and HDR10+ picture capabilities, clean cable solutions, slim design and Smart TV capabilities.


Ultra-Large Screen TVs: Models including the Q6F, Q7F, Q9F,  NU8000 and NU7100 are included in the ultra-large screen TV lineup, offering screen sizes that are 75-inch or larger. These models reflect consumer demand for larger screen televisions for an impactful, immersive home viewing experience.


Pricing and Availability

Samsung’s new range will be available through a variety of retail outlets nationally from April 23rd, 2018 with the following recommended retail prices.


Q9F 75”          $10,499

Q9F 65”        $6,999

Q8F 65”           $5,899

Q8F 55”          $4,099


Q7F 75”           $8,199

Q7F 65”           $5,299

Q7F 55”           $3,699


Q6F 75”           TBC

Q6F 65”           TBC

Q6F 55”           TBC


NU8500 65”    $3,699

NU8500 55”    $2,599

NU8000 82”    $7,999

NU8000 75”    $5,799

NU8000 65”    $3,599

NU8000 55”    $2,499


NU7100 75”    $3,999

NU7100 65”    $2,699

NU7100 55”    $1,799

NU7100 49”    $1,499

NU7100 43”    $1,199



[1] Recommended screen size of 75”/82” based on a viewing distance of approximately 2.3m/2.5m and/or a horizontal viewing angle of approximately 40 degrees. See, for example, THX, Canstar Blue and CHT Solutions. Individual circumstances may vary.

[1] Recommended screen size of 75”/82” based on a viewing distance of approximately 2.3m/2.5m and/or a horizontal viewing angle of approximately 40 degrees. See, for example, THX, Canstar Blue and CHT Solutions. Individual circumstances may vary.

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