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Samsung Australia launches its most advanced 4K player

The ultimate in picture quality, connectivity, and ease-of-use

SYDNEY, Australia, August 2, 2017 – Samsung Electronics Australia is excited to announce the launch of its most advanced 4K UHD Blu-ray player, combining the very best in picture quality with new levels of connectivity and functionality.

The Samsung UBD-M9500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player raises the bar for the Australian home cinema experience. With high dynamic range (HDR) support delivering stunning contrast and deeply detailed images on HDR-capable TVs, while an expanded colour spectrum features twice the colour range of most standard Blu-ray players, Samsung’s new UHD Blu-ray player enables Australians to experience their favourite TV shows and movies as they were intended.[i]

The addition of content-streaming to mobile devices, Bluetooth® wireless audio for private viewing, and the ability to enjoy 360-degree photos and videos on a large screen make the UBD-M9500 a truly innovative and easy-to-use entertainment hub.[ii]

Furthermore, the UBD-M9500 offers seamless and complete integration with compatible Samsung TVs through the mutual use of Samsung’s UI platform. This is designed to deliver a superior usability experience, with simple and easy navigation, control across multiple devices with the One Remote, and automatic setup of HDR and audio outputs.

“Samsung always strives to surpass the expectations of our Australian customers and deliver the best home cinema experience possible,” said Carl Rose – Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics Australia.

“By combining the stunning picture quality of 4K and HDR with the innovative functionality of wireless mobile streaming, 360-degree content playback, Private Cinema Mode’s Bluetooth audio streaming, and the seamless integration provided by our UI platform, the UBD-M9500 is much more than just a 4K disc player – it’s the perfect companion to Samsung’s TV range.”

Key UBD-M9500 features include:

  • The ultimate picture: With HDR support, the UBD-M9500 is designed to deliver an exceptional Ultra HD experience on Samsung’s HDR-capable QLED TVs, offering sharper contrast, higher brightness levels and deeper blacks compared to non-HDR-capable TVs.i
  • Breathtaking colour: The UBD-M9500 offers twice the colour range and up to 64 times the colour expression of standard Blu-ray players, delivering a stunningly vivid picture every time.
  • Content unchained: Australians can now stream content from their 4K UHD Blu-ray player to their compatible mobile device, even if the TV is off or being used to access another content source.ii
  • 360-degree content playback: Using a TV to view 360-degree photos and videos from Gear 360 and YouTube 360 has never been easier, thanks to the UDB-M9500 and its easy-navigation One Remote.[iii]
  • A little privacy: Thanks to Private Cinema Mode, Australians can now enjoy their favourite TV shows and movies without disturbing their family by streaming audio to a Bluetooth headset.[iv]
  • Complete integration with Samsung TVs: With the UI platform running across both the UDB-M9500 and Samsung’s TV range, Australians can now experience the ultimate in easy-navigation usability.

Samsung is also launching the UBD-M8500, featuring Ultra HD and HDR picture quality, as well as the expanded colour spectrum compared to non-UHD-capable Blu-ray players. The player also offers the same complete integration with Samsung TVs as the UBD-M9500, along with the seamless Smart Hub and One Remote user interface.[v]

Pricing and availability

The UBD-M9500 and UDB-M8500 are now available from selected retailers.

UBD-M9500: RRP $599 (inclusive of GST)

UBD-M8500: RRP $449 (inclusive of GST)

[i] Available only on UHD content. To view in 4K UHD, 4K UHD content and a 4K UHD compatible TV are required. UHD quality may vary depending on the content source, TV model and size. Picture quality of upscaled content may vary depending on source content. Picture quality of low resolution video will not reach UHD quality.

[ii] Internet connection and Bluetooth-compatible devices required. Data and other charges may apply.

[iii] Gear VR sold separately. Gear 360º content must be converted on a compatible Galaxy phone or PC application.

[iv] Compatible Bluetooth headset required. Sold separately.

[v] Internet connection required. Data and other charges may apply.

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