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Runtastic Moment Elite Review

Runtastic Moment Elite Review James Wright

Summary: Runtastic Moment Elite is a little on the rich side given the lack of fitness features


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Not quite a “Fitbit” and not quite a smartwatch, that’s what Runtastic’s new Moment Elite is!

It’s basically a traditional watch that provides 24/7 timekeeping and activity tracking, although quite a bit of the work is done through your smartphone. However unlike those highly popular activity trackers (e.g. those fitness products from Fitbit or Polar), the Moment Elite boasts a long-lasting lithium battery, it’s waterproof up to 100metres and it looks like a traditional watch. That’s definitely a plus!


So at its core, the Moment Elite measures elements such as steps, calories burned, sleep and it allows you to monitor goals like reaching the recommended 10,000 steps for the day. When you do hit your goals, the watch vibrates and the LED lights up on the watch to inform the wearer.


The design of the Moment Elite looks like a high end watch that is quite well designed and very sturdy. My only gripe about the watch is the band itself which does feel a little cheap as it’s made from material. Given that other reviewers had the watch before me, the material did feel a little tattered as well. However as it’s been designed to look like a normal watch, the band can easily be changed if needed.


Furthermore and given the design of the Moment Elite, it definitely targets the male consumer and if you think fitness smart watches look a little dinky, this is probably the product for you. The watch hands also glow in the dark for a little while and it does have a vibrant feature to help wake you up. In terms of monitoring your sleep, you do need to manually activate this feature by holding down the button on the side of the watch. This is a little annoying and I wish it done this automatically like other products.


Set-up of the Moment Elite is very easy and all you need to do is download the app for your smartwatch which is called Runtastic Me. This basically sets up an account with Runtastic and allows you to input your details, however the coolest part of the installation process is that the watch automatically sets the correct time once it syncs to your smartwatch. Seeing the watch hands move to the correct time is a little surreal.


The interface of the app is relatively straight forward (albeit dated) and it even e-mails you a summary of your day which is kind of cool. Runtastic also boast that the battery of this watch will last 6-months which definitely smashes any fitness smart watch out of the water thanks to its Bluetooth 4.0.


Final Thoughts?

The Runtastic Moment Elite is quite a stylish fitness “smartwatch” but when it comes to fitness features, it’s definitely lacking in this department. Although you can glance at the watch to get a quick snapshot, you do need to access the app to get additional statistics. Also, the Runtastic Me app is only a basic app and the product prompts you quite a bit to upgrade to the premium version which is a little rich in my opinion, considering it’s already keeping track of your data.


In conclusion and having used a variety of fitness smartwatches before, I definitely missed all the features of those other products because at the end of the day, the Moment Elite is basically a watch with a few fitness features thrown into it which still requires manual override. It’s not a bad product perse but it really doesn’t compete with what else is on the market and it’s also on the pricey side.


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