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All Bets Are In

The Power Broker has control over Rogue’s body, but not her mind. As she is forced to battle Gambit to death, Gambit implores her to take that control back. In Rogue & Gambit #5, Rogue must look inside herself and remember her past experiences. With Remy by her side, he aims to be there for her even when she’s out of control. Showing what true love is and the tenacity to never give up on the person he loves the most; Gambit takes on as much damage to himself as it’s going to take to get through to Rogue. Power Broker levels the playing field by borrowing simulated abilities from Lady Deathstrike as he transforms into a raging behemoth. Stricken by disappointment, Power Broker charges forward infuriated by Rogue and Gambit thwarting his business plans. A certain device slips from Power Broker’s pants pocket that could put an end to all of this, but that’s a job for Gambit.

As all good things must come to an end, Rogue & Gambit #5 serves as the conclusion to this series. Extravagantly written by Stephanie Phillips (The Devil’s Cut), the story of these two mutant couples on a quest to save mutantkind and the world was a rollercoaster of enjoyment. The delightful character development of both characters within this series stems from understanding how Rogue and Gambit function as a couple. Clearly, Phillips captured the essence of who Gambit is at his core and displayed that throughout each issue he was in. That same praise can be seen through Rogue as the story progressed. There was a nice scene that Phillips added near the beginning of the comic book that performed a callback to the earlier days of Rogue and Gambit’s relationship. The ups and downs of the past that they faced brought forward to a singular present moment was an attractive emotional pull for readers that are familiar. That scene also works for those that haven’t read those earlier comic books, which is commendable on her part. Overall, Phillips carved out a section in the X-Men family tree that was a pleasure to experience. While the writing proved to be fantastic, the artwork was equally tremendous.

Once more graced with illustrative elation, Carlos Gómez (Tiger Division) produced artwork that shaped the comprehensive visual story of Phillips’ adventure. For Rogue & Gambit #5, Gómez’s art style extended without faltering for this last issue. Seemingly, Gómez appeared to orchestrate scenes that just became more intense one after the other compared to others. The interesting aspect of his art style is that it’s not too heavy on detail, but it’s the right amount of detail that allows a reader to digest the flow of the comic book. It’s the way that Gómez draws the characters that stick out the most from other X-Men comic books that draw attention. The angular postures, fierce close-ups, and fascinating display of backgrounds assemble a story worth reading more than once. Correspondingly, David Curiel (The Uncanny Inhumans, Superboy, Venom) and Fernando Sifuentes (Winter Guard, S.W.O.R.D., Dark Web: Ms. Marvel) execute impressive coloring that complements Gómez’s illustrations. The vivid coloring schemes do explosive wonders that give this comic book its own special appreciation for various readers.

While the art and colors make waves of admiration, Ariana Maher’s (8House, Crush & Lobo, The Banks) lettering provides excellent mental resonance accompanied by the activities transpiring in Rogue & Gambit #5. Maher’s lettering on panels where there are pop-outs in sounds, that would otherwise be audible, is entertaining to read on the pages. Those sound effects can be neglected sometimes in other comic books while reading, but not with Maher who puts them in focal points to be noticed.

Last, but certainly not least, Steve Morris (Mirka Andolfo’s Un/Sacred) delivers an on-the-nose cover for Rogue & Gambit #5. The engaging part about Morris’s cover is that it pretells the content of what a reader is about to read. It doesn’t outright spoil a reader to read this comic book, but in fact, entices a reader to observe what will happen. Adding Power Broker as the mastermind in the background and using Rogue and Gambit as action figures on a chess board is a great approach to the concluding events.

Ultimately, Rogue & Gambit #5 was a lot of fun to read. While they had their own issues to figure out with one another, the story felt like real progress in their relationship. Despite having to put their vacation time on hold, and save the world, and mutantkind all at once the comic book series ends on a sweet note. Rather than have them hop back into action, readers are left with some home cooking that ends up with them being closer than ever. Don’t forget to pick up this issue from your local comic book store or online where they may be sold. Readers can catch Rogue and Gambit in X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1 (2023) on July 26, 2023.

Comic Details

Writer: Stephanie Phillips

Artist: Carlos Gómez

Colorist: David Curiel, Protobunker’s Fer Sifuentes-Sujo

Letterer: VC’s Ariana Maher

Cover Artist: Steve Morris

Editors: Sarah Brunstad, Mark Basso

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

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