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RocKwiz’s Really Really Good Friday Review 2023 @RocKwiz @julia_zemiro @artscentremelb @foxtel

RocKwiz’s Really Really Good Friday Review 2023 @RocKwiz @julia_zemiro @artscentremelb @foxtel Tim Chuma

Summary: Everything the TV show is and more, well worth going to if this event comes to a place near you.



7 April 2023, Hamer Hall

with MCs Julia Zamerio, Brian Nankervis, WILSN, THNDO, Chris Cheney, Mark Seymour, Josie Long, Ari Eldjárn, Shane O’Mara and the RocKwiz Orkestra

RocKwiz is back for it’s Good Friday show after starting a new season on Foxtel after a hiatus. I had never actually been to a taping despite knowing people who work on the show. It is now no longer being made at the Espy.

Arriving outside Hamer Hall I found Brian Nankervis out the front with a bullhorn trying to get people to get the twelve people to do the knockout round for the quiz. He also told off a car beeping its horn at the lights. Due to extra guests tonight it was only going to be two people instead of the usual four.

There is a whole other bit of the show that happens before the recorded part with the elimination round. Brian is a natural from all his corporate gigs and MC hosting from launches and special events. There was a special event he hosted just for Bob Dylan fans called BobWiz a few years back, they bought the buzzers and all.

Was a quite a mix in the audience despite the two Rolling Stones fans who made it onto the first elimination around. Cheers to Hannah from Baby Velvet/All Our Exes Live in Texas who I saw in the intermission. Was also a lady down from Northern Australia to see her grandkids who could not babysit as she got invited to the show and her daughter was already going to it.

Nick and Michelle who got through the elimination were the best by far and were clutch for both their teams.

Opening the show was WILSN doing a tribute to Renee Geyer, I recognised Shane O’Mara even before the lights came up. I already knew Clio Renner is in the RocKwiz Orchestra and recognised Olympia’s blue boots from last time I saw her.

If you have watched the TV show it is pretty much the same format but for this event they had two guests on each team instead of one and they had a new guest for the second half.

Chris Cheyney did an old song by the Living End and seemed to get on particularly well with Nick who was a big fan. I had to laugh at the “Get a podcast you two!” comment from Julia and Michelle.

THNDO did a lovely song for her introduction and ended up on Michelle’s team. I still need to see one of her shows but she has been playing around. The audience got to sing her happy birthday as she said she was born on Good Friday and it was on Easter Sunday this year.

As this show is on during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival they get a couple of comedians in as guests, Josie Long made it down a bit later from her show at Trades Hall and did a special bit related to music. She said she would not be much help for the Australian questions but she did alright overall.

Ari Eldjárn did pretty much the same bit as he did on the Gala with some more beatboxing. As with Josie he knew more about music than he claimed to and did used to be a DJ in the 1990s.

Mark Seymour was always going to play Holy Grail at some point but for his introduction song he did a John Prine number.

It was a fun night and well worth going to see the live show if it is on near you. Brian is also quite busy so you will end up seeing him sooner or later if you go out a lot.


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