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Sydney: To build hype around the hotly-anticipated Tupac Shakur bio pic ‘All Eyez on Me’, Roadshow Films wanted to create an authentic and engaging piece of content that spoke to the film’s fan base.

All Eyez on PAC”, by HooZu Productions, aims to capture the gritty, uniquely urban flavour of 90s hip-hop culture, featuring spray-painted Tupac murals, skateboarders, local hip-hop artists and prominent influencers across UFC and NRL.

Mark Graham, head of content at HooZu Productions, said the focus of the video was on recreating the exhilarating vibe of the 90s rap scene when Tupac was at his peak, while at the same time incorporating some of the more modern elements of contemporary street culture.

“To this day, Tupac continues to be one of the most iconic hip-hop figures of all time. Much of his music was about life on the streets, and we’ve brought this theme to life with video content that speaks to the urban lifestyle of younger generations.”

The video, along with still images taken throughout the production process, has primarily been distributed across social media. Working with a team of influencers, the video has had more than 250,000 views within the two-week campaign period.

From L-R: James Tehuna (UFC fighter), Mathew Ryan (soccer player), Isaac John (NRL player) and Corey Norman (NRL player)

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