Published on October 26th, 2022 | by Adrian Gunning

Ring Video Doorbell – Get your spooky on with Halloween quick replies

With Halloween a few days away, the Ring Video Doorbells have the perfect feature to amp up the Halloween spirit at your front door.

The RVDs have a selection of free Halloween-themed quick replies that you can set to play automatically, when trick-or-treaters press the doorbell.

The sounds include:

  • [Dracula Theme] I’ll be right there to eat…I mean greet you.
  • [Witch]Tell us what brings you here…or we’ll put a spell on you Halloween QR 1.wav
  • [Haunted Woods SFX [Normal Man Voice] Oh dear, it’s not a full moon tonight is it? (stuttering)I’m afraid I’m in a bit of a…a bit of a [Werewolf Howl SFX + growl ] *hairy* situation in here. Please leave a message!
  • [Creepy Butler voice] You’ve just awoken the spirits that haunt this house! Hurry and leave a message…before it’s too late. [deep booming laugh

There is also a selection of Halloween App alert tones/Chime tones to choose from such as bats, ghosts, howls etc.

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