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Ring Battery Doorbell Pro Review

Ring Battery Doorbell Pro Review Andrew Bistak



Battery Pro

Ring continues to refine and redefine their video smart doorbells. Their latest model, the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro is no exception and brings 1536p HD video (including colour pre-roll and colour night vision) with two way noise-cancelling audio plus it adds new 3D Motion Detection technology that greatly reduces false alarms. In essence, the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro is the wired version from last year but does not require a mains connection thanks to its removable battery, however you can hard wire the unit as well.

Key Features

  • Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro
  • Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n/ax Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz
  • Camera: 1536p HD
  • Field of View: 150° horizontal, 150° vertical
  • Audio: Two-Way Talk with noise-cancelling Audio+
  • Night Vision: IR LEDs

Aesthetically, the design of the Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro is identical to the 2023 model and why change the appearance if it works perfectly fine? As to design, there is a camera (at the top) with a 150-degree field of view plus the “ring” button (below the camera), that’s it and in Australia, the RRP is $349AUD (April 2024). Like previous models and if you want full functionality of its features, you do need to subscribe to the Ring subscription service, however you are given a one month free subscription that allows you to access your recordings online. Without the subscription, you can still receive notifications, live video and use two-way audio.


Want more? In order to reduce false positives, the Ring doorbell has radar (motion) sensors that allows you to select what areas on your property you want monitored thanks to its birds-eye view. For example you may have a tree or a busy footpath in front of your home, so you set the monitoring zone not to monitor where the tree is or only activate when someone steps onto your property, opposed to them walking by. Ring also take privacy seriously so you can setup your own “privacy” zones that also prevents video/audio from being uploadd, including the ability of disabling the camera when you are home. Another cool feature like previous models is that the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro is also compatible with Alexa that allows you to access it via this awesome smart assistant such as the Echo Show for video or just a standard Echo for audio.

App Install Gallery

As you can see below, the Ring app is a very straightforward application that is not only easy to navigate but supports a very simple installation wizard that connects your new Ring Battery Doorbell Pro to your home Wi-Fi and smartphone, including other Ring compatible devices like a Chime doorbell. If you don’t have a Ring account, you simply set one up and again follow the wizard to install this smart doorbell that also includes using your QR reader on your phone.

Installation is almost next, next, next…

The wizard will also give you a tutorial and update the device to the latest version of firmware. Once the installation is completed that will take anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes, depending on your network, your Ring Battery Doorbell Pro is ready to go. From here you can adjust alerts, including motion detection, warnings, live view and even history that allows you to access your video recordings online.

Install Gallery

Rather than drilling directly into the brick, you can drill into the mortar and use ramsets (or plugs) that expand when you use the included screws for the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro and yes, it is firmly attached.

The battery is also screwed into the device which prevents people from removing it.

In terms of video quality, this latest incarnation of the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro is quite clear, especially during the day, however even at night, video is clear with vibrant colours. As the app can be used anywhere in the world, you will never miss a detection and the two-way communication works well. The only caveat of this product in terms of performance is that you do need a decent Wi-Fi network for smooth video and audio. If you have an older Wi-Fi Modem or Router, this may cause issues for some people but you can get extenders or a mesh system installed to improve connectivity.

Charging does take awhile and prior to the install it did take a couple of hours. Ring fans are still waiting for fast-charging via USB-C!  Also if you turn all the features on the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro, it will use the battery considerably faster than with a handful of features turned on. Nonetheless, when someone pushes the button, it sends a notification to your phone where you can talk and see the person on the other end such a courier. Please leave the parcel next to the door Mr Courier!

Final Thoughts?

The Ring Battery Doorbell Pro is a great upgrade for its battery series that provides excellent video quality, including useful features to help protect your property. With easy install and easy navigation, the only thing holding it back is the battery life with full features on, so some tweaking may be necessary for some users.


Key Features

1536p HD+ Head-to-Toe Video

Radar 3D Motion Detection with Bird’s Eye View

Two-Way Talk with Audio+

Low-Light Sight with Colour Night Vision

Colour Pre-Roll

Works With Alexa

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