Published on September 6th, 2015 | by James Wright

Resonate Book Review

Resonate Book Review James Wright

Summary: Resonate by Dr Louise Mahler is an easy to understand book to help readers get the most out of their voices by syncing it to their mind and body


Voice counselling!

Resonate by Dr Louise Mahler (a communication specialist) is well known across the world for her work in the Arts & Business sector plus her coaching with businesses and leaders has just released a new book called. Resonate (For people who need to be heard) is basically a guide for people who may have trouble with public speaking and she gives the reader all the tools and confidence needed to help them be heard through their vocal intelligence. However with that said, it’s also a great read for people wanting to improve their communication and how they can better themselves through becoming aware of themselves.

At just under 200 pages, this well written book is quite easily read and Dr Mahler successfully puts some great context to the information included in this book that really makes Resonate quite down to Earth. The book itself is split into three parts that include “Getting Started“, “The Seven Veils” and “Putting it all together” with a forward by Dr Vicki Kotsirilos plus a short post-script about one of Dr Mahler’s researchers, Karen who puts these skills into practice during their PhD research. Dr Mahler also commences the book by disclosing some of her journey to how she got to where she is today which is quite an insightful experience.

From there, Dr Mahler goes onto explaining one of the key concepts from the book, Vocal Intelligence which is getting your psyche in tune with your mind, body and voice which is all about finding this central balance that may lead to additional confidence as a speaker. She also discusses the “seven veils” that include the diaphragm, posture, throat, mouth & tongue, eyes, movement and gestures which all influence how we speak and how others reach to us when we are speaking. So while Dr Mahler explains these veils, she also explains the origins and gives the reader a great summary at the end of how to improve these aspects that link to our vocal intelligence.

Another great aspect about this book is that at times it can be quite light hearted which does help make the information contained in this book more relatable and to assist, Dr Mahler includes case studies and even diagrams to support the reader. There is even one part of the book entitled “In emergency, break class: the express path to vocal intelligence” with Dr Mahler amusingly informing the reader that there is no quick fix to public speaking. Finally, Dr Mahler gives tips in fine tuning your voice and supporting you in getting the most out of your vocal intelligence and avoiding things that may impact on your public speaking.

Final Thoughts?

Resonate is a very well written book for readers who want to fine-tune or improve their public speaking. Throughout her years of research in both the Arts & Business, Dr Louise Mahler gives the reader a great informative guide in improving one of society’s most difficult tasks, public speaking. So if you’re struggling to find the confidence or need some tips in becoming a better speaker, then why not check out Resonate which is available at all good book stores or online!


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