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Published on June 30th, 2015 | by Edwin Millheim

Rescue 2 Every Day Heroes PC Review

Rescue 2 Every Day Heroes PC Review Edwin Millheim

Summary: Fighting fires and managing your Fire fighters and equipment. Honoring Every Day Heroes ...at last something more than a police officer game.


Fire Fires, Save Lives

“Welcome to Belvitsia, Chief.”

Complete training, be quick on response times, and upgrade necessary components, save lives. This is the basic idea of Rescue 2: Everyday Heroes. Does not sound too difficult does it? The game eases you in with a tutorial mission, with rather relaxing background music to accompany your point and click journey to extinguishing your first fire. This game is not all about fighting fires, however. Treating victims is also a part of the game. Fear not though, once again it all involves clicking commands in the right order, also with a tutorial preceding the first real mission. After each tutorial the game graces you with a recap on what the basic purpose of the tutorial was, in case you forgot already.


After a few rounds of tutorials and missions meant to help get you used to the flow of the game and who does what with which tools, you are sent on your merry way to respond to dispatch calls and watch your vehicles scoot along the map to the scenes, giving you a little more of a sense of urgency as you wait impatiently to put out those fires and save those poor injured people. Before you get too into it all, more tutorials pop up to teach about new types of situations and what to do in them.


Before you know it, you’re monitoring your city and responding to all sorts of emergencies, upgrading your units, changing the names of some workers because you got sick of seeing the same names so many times, and missions begin to repeat themselves. Although there is a fair assortment, some of the missions begin to give you a heavy dose of déjà vu every now and again, as missions repeat themselves, and some scenarios have the same basic layout as others. Rescue 2 has enough content to keep a person busy for several hours without too much difficulty, then over time things begin to get repetitive.

A good note about the missions themselves is that they’re not all just simple “connect the hose, douse the fire” or “put this person on a stretcher and transport them to the hospital” scenarios. At times you have to use your noggin and problem solve. Is there an electrical fire? Better make certain you know what to do first! Multiple injuries? Who do you attend to first? You have to know your priorities for responding to different situations, and that is one thing that makes the game a bit more exciting.


Overall, the controls for Rescue 2 are simple enough to become accustomed to, the music isn’t too overpowering but it does not give too much variety, and the graphics are about on par with what would be expected in a game such as this. If you like emergency-type games with simple controls and graphics, this one should keep you occupied for several playing sessions before it gets boring and fairly repetitive. For those who crave action-packed games with amazing graphics and beautiful music scores, this would not be your cup of tea. If you want an in and out distraction this one will fit the bill.

Rescue 2: Everyday Heroes
Developer: Fragment Production Ltd
Publisher: Rondomedia GmbH
Format: PC STEAM download
Reviewer: Shael Millheim

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Edwin Millheim is a freelance writer since the 1980's has worked in comic book scripting and story writing, for such magazines as Shadis magazine, Anime A2. and also has worked on role playing game creation and adventure creation in the role playing industry as a freelancer (For such companies as Hero Games ,Palladium Books Rifts Index and Adventures Vol 1 hook line and sinker story contributor) working over the years with his editor and co writer for many projects, Donna Millheim, his wife, together... wrote the "electronic games" article for Funk And Wagnalls Encyclopedia Edwin has also worked as writer on comic adaptations to some of his writer/created role-playing games such as Bright Future (Sci Fi) and Unknown Eagles (Based in World War II), and Moonsfar: Warrior's Creed.(Sword and Sorcery) Released Ebook on Amazon 'Unknown Eagles Special Operations" in 2014. Edwin has worked on articles ranging from, previews, reviews and interviews, for various media over the years including magazine and internet, and pod casts, video media shows. Currently the United States Editor For www.impulsegamer.com Over the years Edwin with his often co writers Wife Donna Millheim and Daughter Shael Millheim have written well over 400 articles and reviews and various role playing game books and game supplements. Edwin Millheim is also an actor and stage combat stunt fighter, and has been acting in shows and productions since 1989. Edwin has an over 22-year background in Whitelotus kungfu, a mix of northern and southern Shaolin. Bringing those skills to film and live action stunt shows was a natural thing. Over the years, he has been Cast Coordinator for interactive shows, as well as stunt and fight and action coordinator for various film projects (Sanctuary film from NiceWonderFilms) (BFF Zombie from LifePlay Productions) (Hunter X from Jab Haus)and live action stunt shows. Edwin has had many featured parts as a stunt fighter/actor, and has choreographed hundreds of hours worth of scenes over the years.

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