Published on October 2nd, 2019 | by Alex Novus

Remember Pictionary? Well it just got upgraded DIGITAL STYLE! … Introducing PICTIONARY AIR!!

Mattel’s latest version of Pictionary has now gone digital, the perfect games night using a healthy balance of nostalgia and tech!  Introducing Pictionary Air. 

See Key Features: 

  • Removes the historic paper and pen element, adding its digital flare using an air pen and a personal device screen (smart phone, tablet or TV)
  • Players sketch in the air with an air pen as teams see the sketch appear on a smartphone or tablet with the Pictionary Air app to guess the clue
    • The included pen is paired with the app, allowing players to simultaneously see the drawings on their mobile device screen and cast their air-drawings in real-time onto a larger screen (i.e. TV) for teammates to see
  • The free Pictionary Air app will track the light from the pen as you sketch. It can also keep score and record your performances!
  • Interacting with your drawing charades-style not only helps your teammates guess your clue, it guarantees big laughs
  • Take a clue card and get ready to draw – in the air – with over 1000 clues, so you never be the same game twice!
  • Targeted at consumers aged 8+ years, Pictionary Air is available in store and online at Big W

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